• Single All the Way
  • Fulgor (El)
  • Bruno Reidal
  • Being
  • Small Body
  • Ney: Under the Skin
  • Cobalt Blue
  • White Noise
  • When the Dawn Comes
  • Deep Waters
  • Blurred Lines / Stambul Garden
  • Downton Abbey: A New Era
  • Lost Dog
  • Michel-le-s
  • Vênus de Nyke
  • Desire Machine
  • Homens Pink
  • Transversais
  • Wigudun, Soul of Two Spirits
  • Nun of Your Business
  • Oleanders (The)
  • Last Image (The)
  • City of Abysses (The)
  • Boy Like That (A)
  • Novice (The)
  • House of Gucci
  • Fino ad essere felici
  • Alone Time
  • Pat Rocco Dared
  • Boulevard! A Hollywood Story
  • Girl Like You
  • Pure Grit
  • Official Competition
  • Mayor Pete
  • Water Boys
  • Zip it
  • Bird Flew In (A)
  • My Heart Goes Boom!
  • Noise of Engines (The)
  • Memories of a Murderer: The Nilsen Tapes


Country: United Kingdom, Language: English, 137 mins

  • Director: Terence Davies
  • Writer: Terence Davies
  • Producer: Paul Ashton, Deborah Aston, Margarethe Baillou, Michael Elliott, Lizzie Francke, Rose Garnett, Peter Hampden, Jack Lowden, Norman Merry, Walli Ullah

CGiii Comment

The story of English poet, writer and soldier Siegfried Sassoon.


Cast & Characters

Gemma Jones
Kate Phillips
Ben Daniels (as Dr. Rivers)
Geraldine James
Peter Capaldi (as Siegfried Sassoon)
Jeremy Irvine (as Ivor Novello)
Jack Lowden (as Young Siegfried Sassoon)
Anton Lesser
Lia Williams
Kellie Shirley (as Singing Girl)
Simon Russell Beale
Suzanne Bertish
Paddy Rowan (as Young Soldier)
Calam Lynch (as Stephen Tennant)
Harry Lawtey (as Bobby Andrews)
Joanna Bacon (as Lady Sybil Colefax)
Tom Blyth (as Glen Byam Shaw)
David Shields (as Alexander Fenton)
Edmund Kingsley (as Rex Whistler)
Jude Akuwudike
Jamie-Lee Beacher (as Nurse)
Thom Ashley (as Hamo Sassoon)
Stacey Lynn Crowe (as Nurse)
Bobby Robertson (as Taxi Driver)
Ernest Vernon (as Waiter)