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Albert and Claude

Country: United States, Language: English, French

Original Title

Dead in the Water
  • Director: Alex Willemin
  • Writer: Alex Willemin
  • Producer: Kent Agramonte, Natasha Agramonte, Rosa Agramonte, Christopher Dean, Erik Decicco, Ryan Schwalm, Alex Willemin, Alina Willemin

CGiii Comment

In the late 1500s, Claude, a lone French Huguenot settler, wanders the northern Florida wilderness in search of a place to die. He visits the abandoned quarters of his Commander, Albert, whose throat Claude slit during an uprising just before the other settlers abandoned the camp. While there, Claude retrieves a satchel of highly questionable mushrooms -- the only food left in the deserted settlement -- and notices a carving of an owl-man, or stigini on Albert's desk. Later that evening, Albert's corpse reanimates, claiming to have gained immortality from the nearby Fountain of Youth. Despite Claude's apprehensions, Albert persuades him to seek out the Fountain. What follows is the their darkly comedic, mushroom-fueled journey through the wilderness, and toward a fate neither could have predicted.


Albert and Claude Trailer #1 from Alix Filmworx on Vimeo.

Cast & Characters

Eric Newcombe (as Claude)
Erik Decicco (as Albert)
Whitney Fair (as Clemence)
Christopher Hill (as Gillette)
Rick D. Rosa (as Hernando)
Keekee Suki (as Anoki)
Katie Jean Sholtes (as Madelyn)
Dj Lorence (as Louis)
Dylan Cole (as Victor)
Clayton Paterson (as Francois)
Jack Gallo (as Huguenot 1)
Zach Tyler (as Huguenot 2)
Jason Hancock (as Jesus)
Emilio Márquez (as Conquistador)
V.J. Walker (as Catholic Bandit)
Chase Hartman (as Catholic Bandit)