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Boy Foretold by the Stars (The)

Country: Philippines, Language: Filipino | Tagalog | English, 107 mins

  • Director: Dolly Dulu
  • Writer: Dolly Dulu
  • Producer: Dolly Dulu; Roderick Cabrido; Omar Sortijas; Jodi Sta. Maria

CGiii Comment

The Boy Foretold By The Stars is a romantic comedy movie about two senior high school boys, who thru help of a fortune-teller, find each other at an optional school retreat called Journey with the Lord.


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Cast & Characters

Adrian Lindayag as Dominic
Keann Johnson as Luke
Iyah Mina
Rissey Reyes
John Leynard Ramos as Timmy
Jan Rey Escaño
Victor Robinson III
Jemuel Satumba
Renshi de Guzman
Kalil Almonte