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2000-2005 - UPDATED: 4 January 2020



Audrey’s Beard

Alec Butler


Canada | 2 min
“Audrey’s Beard” is a short story told in time-lapse photography, an experimental poetic documentary about the emotional journey of an intersex trans masculine non-binary queer body from shame to celebration.

Bésame Mucho

José Ramón Samper


Spain | 45 min
Primer documental realizado por José Ramon Samper Bernad como documentalista y director de cortometrajes, fue rodado como parte del contenido de la "Unidad Didáctica multimedia para la prevención de la Homofobia". Es una película llena de historias de vidas besadas, donde se reflejan historias íntimas, primeras experiencias, y opiniones sobre el mundo Lgtb, visto a través de personas de diferentes edades, lesbianas, gays y transexuales, que quisieron ponerse delante de la cámara para contarnos su visión particular sobre la homosexualidad y la homofobia.




Canada | 5 mins
Short animation created in reaction to the staging of porno chic lesbian advertising that ran in all metro stations in Paris in the late 90s. Tribute to Jeanette Winterson (Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit), Bildo is a playful and poetic visit with my double dildo: a look at the body of the woman we never see: the physical intimacy, the body close to us that is more and more distant. A little female toy discovering a big female body.

Das Verordnete Geschlecht

Bertram Rotermund & Oliver Tolmein


Germany / 62’
First premiered in Hamburg in 2001, this first documentary about intersexuality examines the difficulties faced by those who were victims of a norma­lisation mania to which we are all subject, but which we also uphold. Queeramnesty presents the classic, followed by a discussion. What has changed in the last 16 years? What can the queer community do to ensure that human rights also apply to intersexuals?

Der Größte Rekord Aller Zeiten

Frank Pingel


Germany | 2 min
Jan-Martin Scharf


Julie Kalceff and Andrew Soo




Scott Miller Berry


Canada / 5:25
Gay boys need tactics, too. Fagtactics takes us on an irrevent electronic romp along Canadas traintracks.

First Love

Alec Butler


Canada | 5 min
In “First Love,” Alick is seduced on a snowbank by high school lesbian femme siren K with token resistance. Their shared outsider status draws them together against the tyranny of high school bullies.

Fools Gold

Josh Wicks


31 min
Broken hearted for the first time and sensing his life is passing him by, Lucas’ faith in true love is faltering. His friend Antoine, a dedicated sensualist, sets him up with a girl. Lucas takes her home. The encounter, however, proves to be empty. Perhaps, as Antoine has suggested, Lucas really is gay. Confused, Lucas confronts his friend. Antoine admits he’s had experience and suggests they fool around together.

Future Nation

Kent Monkman


16 mins
Against the terrifying backdrop of a biological apocalypse, a Native teenager, Brian, comes out to his older sister, Faith, and homophobic brother, Charles. Conflict erupts among them as desperate survivors from the city seek refuge on the rez from the horrors of a “megapox” epidemic that is quickly devastating urban populations across North America. Through a perilous journey to the city for food, where they rescue Brian's "friend" in the process (an outrageous drag queen named Tonya), the hungry and frightened youth reach acceptance by facing down their fears. 

Garçons en Quête

Bertrand Legruley


France / 24 mins
Two young men meet one evening in a parking lot. Laurent is still young, his sexuality open, shared between his girlfriend and also the desire for boys. Thomas himself has only one dream, that of finding love…

Deux jeunes hommes se rencontrent un soir sur un parking. Laurent est encore jeune, sa sexualité reste à construire, il se partage entre sa petite amie et sont désir pour les garçons. Thomas, lui, n’a qu’un rêve, celui de rencontrer l’amour…

Gay y Lesbianas

Eduardo Punset 


Spain | 58 min
Es evidente que hombres y mujeres somos diferentes. Esta diferencia se demuestra en muchos aspectos como el físico, el funcional, el reproductivo, el psicológico.... ¿Qué más hay de diferente entre los dos sexos? ¿Cuál es la base de esta identidad de género u orientación sexual? ¿Es genética, hormonal, psicológica, familiar, social,....?
Eduardo Punset ha viajado por toda Europa en busca de respuestas entrevistando a expertos aporta su visión sobre la relación entre neuroanatomía y orientación sexual, las diferencias de la estructura cerebral en gays y lesbianas, e incluso de la importancia de la genética a la hora de encontrar una identidad sexual. Se habla de los últimos experimentos realizados respecto a estos temas así como de la importancia de la conducta, la familia o el entorno social. El programa trata de profundizar en una cuestión a primera vista muy simple y simplista: ¿Los homosexuales nacen o se hacen? Y si "nacen", ¿cuáles son los procesos bioquímicos, neuronales y genéticos que los determinan?

Hollywood Bares

Nick Baer


USA / 60 mins
Some of Hollywoods hottest (and nicest) young male models bare it all for you, using the Red Ribbon symbol for healthy lifestyle role models.

I Make Passes At Girls Who Wear Glasses 

Melissa Levin


2min / CANADA 
What’s sexier than a dyke caressing the edge of her glass? A bevy of local ladies lining up to take theirs off!

In Deep Skin

Juana Awad, Jorge Lozano


Canada / 7 mins
An experimental music video which travels through narrative and non-narrative scenarios while presenting a lesbian encounter. Rhythmic editing and musical and visual complexity bring the viewer/listener on a voyage from ice storms to deserted beaches to the lonely body.

José Rivera Es

Betsabé Solano


México | 19 min
Antes que amanezca, Ave María Purísima y Yo nos soy Pancho Villa ni me gusta el Futbol.


Elia Singer


A go-go-get-it girl looks for love in the fine features of many a plate, only to end up falling face first into her one true dish.

Ligeia Reborn

Keira Michelle Telford


8 mins
A postmodernist interpretation based on fragments of a true story; the life and tragic death of Edgar Allan Poe.

Lunch Break on the Xerox Machine

Marie Losier


France / 3 mins
For 3 months, every day at 1pm I would hide in the copy room at work and lay my face on the xerox machine. The result: an animation of my face eating my fist.
Tous les jours, pendant trois mois, à la pause déjeuner, je me suis cachée et coincée la tête dans la photocopieuse.

Master Libation

Dayna McLeod


4:25 minutes / Canada
This rickety-sticky collage animation features a lusty naked lady who is hell bent on getting off. Frustrated by her limited cable offering, she searches every room of her home for an old beau: her life-size vibrator. A game of seduction ensues that appears to climax with our heroine riding her rocket date into space, but actually culminates when she discovers that her electronic lover has left an attachment behind...

Mentally Retarded 5: Ressurevelations

Jose Santa Jr.


USA / 24 mins
The fifth installment to the series focuses on a trio of potheads, a live wrestling show between The Beast against Whiteout, the second Jenny Finger Show which places two homo-sexual's and their triangular love fest with Guard Feed Me, and the nice work from the cum-shot artist.

Miss Jin Xing

Zhang Yuan


China / 30min
In February 1995, after many years of preparation, contemporary dancer Jin Xing finally has a gender reassignment surgery in Beijing. The night before the surgery, she accepts an interview, talking about her determination, desires, and beautiful ideal life.

Montréal Star

Marik Boudreau, Petunia Alves


Canada / 9 mins
In Montréal Star, Marik Boudreau explores the rituals of seduction in the city, juxtaposing social organization as seen in both parades and political protests. Brazilian-born video curator Petunia Alves collaborated on this nuanced, socially conscious work.

Only Once

Christopher R. Peterson



Pig in the Middle

Danny Fry, Warwick Dunkley


UK / 30 mins
When a few victimized council tenants form a vigilante group to pay penance on a mentally unstable bully in the block, no one could have predicted the shocking repercussions that followed.

Poetic Healings

Chinwe Odeluga


USA / 42 mins
'Poetic Healings' presents the poetry of lesbian and bisexual women of color in an educational but entertaining manner. Poets perform their works speaking out about abuse, breast cancer and lesbianphobia. Actors Theresa do haunting dramatic interpretations about these topics, biphobia and racism. 'Poetic Healings' is a brave journey through difficult subjects. The creator and director, leads you through as the women tell their stories. These healings, hopes and triumphs are shared in Austin, Texas locations.

Star Spangz

Miatta Kawinzi


USA /  4:12
A deconstruction of the US national anthem that uses performativity, musicality, and ethnic heritage as a launching point to think through the diasporic condition, US-Liberia aesthetic and historical connections, and the notion of home.

The Bathroom Tapes: Track 3; Take 4 - "My Man"

Dayna McLeod


Canada / 3 mins
First in a series of music videos shot in the artist’s apartment, where she engages in camp denial of “all of the stress, responsibilities, bills and chaos of my real life”. Staying true to her pop cultural and self-referential tactics, the Montréal performer and out lesbian video artist lip-synchs Peggy Lee's version of "My Man" as earnestly as she can.

The Hakka Find A Home

Peter Murphy


27 mins
Film presents lifestyle of the Hakka minority living in Miaoli, Taiwan. Includes dramatic visuals of mythical dragon teams and final immolation of dragon effigies.

The Housesitter

Melissa Levin


15 min / CANADA 
Two neurotic dykes describe in hilarious detail how to take care of their 3 cats.

The Meeting

James Bolton


UK / 13 mins
A investment banker and a secondary school teacher meet in a train station. What follows is a intimate conversation whilst they wait for the train.

The Morning After

John Bergmann


6 mins
Kiernan must chose between love and lust in the morning after an unexpected threesome.

The Yearlings

Francesco Nassimbeni


South Africa / 5 mins

Third Antenna: A Documentary About the Radical Nature of Drag

Freddie Perry and E.T. Russian


USA | 91 min
Long before the mainstream success of all things RuPaul, the Pacific Northwest was a nexus of gender-bending, game-changing performers. Celebrate the 15th anniversary of this homegrown documentary that explores the evolution of a radically different—and highly influential—side of drag. This very special event—15 years to the day the film first screened at the Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival—features revelatory interviews and live performances from a host of local legends, including Jackie Hell, Ursula Android, Sylvia O’Stayformore, Bamboo Clan, and Olympia activist Naomi Lamm.

Tibet: Beyond Mystique

Peter Murphy


27 mins
Up close view of Tibetan Buddhism. Includes video of unique celebration at monastery of Pachen Lama. In addition presents video of monks chanting at Jokhang Temple in Lhasa.

Tove & Tooti i Europa

Kanerva Cederström & Riikka Tanner


Finland / 57 mins
Tove and Tooti in Europe is based on silent Super 8 footage shot by the graphic artist Tuulikki Pietilä and the famous author Tove Jansson. During the years 1972 – 1993 they made numerous trips to Europe carrying always the old Konica with them. The 8mm films transmit touchingly the artist’s and the writer’s humorous and original way of observing people, culture and the everyday life.
They have immortalized the lovers in Paris, cats, dogs and fleamarkets in London, horse races in Ireland, graveyards, and breathtaking views of Corsica.The document forms a portrait of a Europe that no longer exists. The profound and candid commentary is based on an interview with Tuulikki Pietilä and on the short stories written by Tove Jansson.

Vampire Dreams

James Adler


78 mins
Two shorts combined to form a feature: the first features a conservative young attorney (Dan Berry) who drinks a potion which turns him into a vampire, desiring only the blood of young men. In the second, an aging vampire count (Mark Love) drinks the blood of young men to regain his youth.

Watching Lesbian Porn

Dayna McLeod


10 min/CANADA Arming herself with feminist texts from the likes of Judith Butler, Luce Irigaray, Laura Mulvey, bell hooks, and Andrea Dworkin, Dayna McLeod describes to her audience how flexible these texts are, and demonstrates how they can be used as foreplay when dating a feminist who is opposed to pornography. Meanwhile, two “Porn Star Lesbians” go at it in a 70’s bedroom set behind McLeod during this monologue who is oblivious to their existence. Ginger Discovery and Lucky Chopps give a full-on, over-the-top performance that is charged with campy choreography and cheesy slapstick.

When October Goes

Maria Mangiameli


73 mins
Camille, a 16 year old promisciuos Brooklyn girl lives with her mother, Franny, who is an alcoholic dying of cancer and her mother's sister, Connie, who acts as the patriarch of the family. Camille is sleeping with one of her teachers, a dirty older man who abuses her. Camille's cousin, Ira, an older gay man from san Francicso, moves to brooklyn and in the house, to help take care Franny. Ira and Camille, don't get along too well, but she agrees to go to a gay club with him so he can stalk his ex-boyfriend. There camille meets Joey, an older more mature woman who befriends the young confused Camille. When joey finally comes on to camille, camille flips out in the beginning, then after some time realizes that she actually cares for this woman. As soon as they start getting close, Franny, camille's mother dies. Then camille starts pushing joey away because she didn't think her mother would approve. She goes back to her abuse proffessor and lives with him until his wife comes back and he kicks camille out. When she returns home, to her numb Aunt Connie she is faced with surprising news about her mother.