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1980s - UPDATED: 4 January 2020


... ist mein ganzes Herz

Verena Moser


Switzerland / 12’

17 Rooms (Or What Do Lesbians Do in Bed?)

Caroline Sheldon


UK, 10mins
What do lesbians do in bed? with a star-studded soundtrack, we’re shown women doing everything in bed from knitting and drinking tea to having raucous pillow-fights.

An Invitation to Marilyn C

Jacqui Duckworth


UK, 12mins

Are We Free?! / Somos Libres!?

Miguel Ángel Cárdenas


The Netherlands / 22 mins
To what extent are gay men 'free'? There are many countries in the world where they are oppressed and discriminated against both legally and illegally. Somos Libres!? (which is Spanish for: 'Are we free!?') tells the story of two young homosexuals who flee the repression of their native country to seek their freedom elsewhere. The main characters appear in various scenes that sound out their new-found freedom and which are enacted in a humourous mixture of performance, theatre, music and video techniques. Barcelona proves to be a big disappointment despite the fact that this harbour city has a traditional tolerance of homosexuals (it's no coincidence that it's the location of Jean Genet's 'The Thief's Journal'). Their freedom is far from being realized, as it till is in much of the world of 1995.


Barbara Hammer​


USA / 33 mins
An intriguing deep cut from the Barbara Hammer archives, the filmmaker documents varying international audience perspectives to screenings of her films.

Be-Boy Kidnapp'n Idol

Kenichi Yatagai



Bungalow Depression


Grayson Perry & Jennifer Binnie


UK | 4 min

Chat Rap

John Scarlett-Davis


UK | 15 min.
From start to finish Chat Rap is a bewildering avalanche of stereotype characteristics of the post-modern art world. Discussions about colour and mass images are rampant and are presented by a mixed bag of colourful characters in a sort of whirling talkshow. The items are realised with a flair that varies from the serious student to that of the leather-clad trendy or the wink of the lady in the crimson bra.

Crever à 20 ans

Michel Audy


France / 77 mins
Film choc sur la prostitution et l'homosexualité chez les jeunes garçons. Deux jeunes chômeurs ne peuvent réaliser leurs projets faute d'argent. Ils ont, l'un et l'autre, besoin d'amitié et d'amour. Ils décident de se prostituer. Malheureusement, ce qui apparaissait comme une solution facile devient rapidement une impasse.


Stashu Kybartas


USA / 20 min
A moving and personal documentary about Danny, a friend of Kybartas who died of an AIDS-related illness in 1986. This powerful work explores the reason for Danny’s return home and his attempts to reconcile his relationship with his family, who had difficulty facing his homosexuality and his imminent death.

Die Braut erstarrt

Hella Böhm


Germany / 12’

Dyke After Dyke / Francha con Francha

Maria Angelica Lemos


Brazil, Canada / 3 mins
Two women sing a passionate duet about love, girls and the inevitable.

East End Underground Movement

Bev Zalcock & Sara Chambers


UK, 4mins 30sec

Els Ocellots Agafen L’últim Tramvia

Els 5 QK’s


Una de les obres cims de Els 5 QK s. Dues heroïnes terribles, Alexandra del Llac (Dolç ocell de joventut) i Blanca del Bosc (Un tramvia anomenat desig), brillantment interpretades per Luis i Ces, coincideixen gràcies a un accident de cotxes i s'uneixen per portar a terme un joc macabre en el qual semblen voler acabar amb tot el que aquests cineastes odiaven: les regles estilístiques, les normes socials i els convencionalismes sexuals.

Evi erzählt Klartext zum ersten Mal

Muriel Utinger, Tina Z’Rotz


Germany / 03’

Fog Under the Sun

Nicos Ligouris


Greece, 70’

Frankly, Shirley

Margaret Moores


Canada | 22 min
A one-night stand that continues. The affair is wistfully recounted by one of the lovers. She recalls the last time they made love and chronicles their amorous adventures. They never made love in bed and the narrator surmises that their relationship ended because of a dearth of conversation and a lack of locations. Where some lesbians hesitate to hold hands, this work places sexuality in the public domain. Against a backdrop of tourist attractions, their passion rules.

Fun With A Sausage

Ingrid Wilhite


15 mins
A playful butch tests the waters by cruising Castro Street with a sausage stuffed down her Levi’s, but finds redemption among San Francisco’s sometimes-fractuous lesbian community.

Gayblevision: A Celebration of 2 Years on Air




This tape is a celebration of two years of regular programming by Canada s only Gay produced television show - Gayblevision. It covers the entire spectrum of the gay experience: everything from the Mr. Leather Contest to an interview with lesbian novelist Jane Rule.


Wrik Mead


Canada | 3 min
When you wake up and you have so much to do that you just want to go back to bed. The illusion of a reverse shooting schedule emphasizes the entire cycle of life.

Keep Your Laws Off My Body

Catherine Gund


USA / 13’
Intimate scenes of gentle sexuality and domesticity set to the mechanical cadence of a projector (evoking a feeling somewhere between the repetitive labour of a sewing machine and violence of a machine gun) are juxtaposed with images of police and sirens to highlight the alarming intrusion of America’s laws on queer people and women’s bodies in healthcare, sexual expression, and desire.


Jeanne Crépeau


Canada | 8 min
Who said breaking up was beautiful? A quickie melodrama by one of Québec’s leading lesbian directors.


Pam Walton


USA / 5 mins
Filmed as a Stanford class project, three politically incorrect lesbians discuss the competing definitions of the “L-word.”


Charles Atlas


USA / 29 mins
Locale was designed to explore the possibilities of moving cameras and moving dancers in a film. Filmed at the Merce Cunningham Studio, Westbeth, New York NY, Jan - Feb 1979. First public screening at City Center Theater, New York NY, 24 February 1980. The camera movements are choreographed as precisely as those of the dancers. Three kinds of cameras were used: Steadicam, Movieola crab dolly and an Elemac dolly with a crane arm. "Locale" was structured in four parts based on use of specific cameras, dancers, and time. Filmmaker Charles Atlas also designed the costumes, choosing the same hues as are seen on the television adjustment color-bars and comining these with the gradations of the corresponding gray-based tones used in tuning black and white television monitors.

Los Parchís a Disneylandia

Javier Aguirre



On the Cosy Side

Takis Spetsiotis


Greece, 80’
At the beginning of the 60s in Athens, Nikos and Takis, two young poets, lead the life of bohemian artists of older times. At their heyday, all of a sudden, they withdraw, and mysterious rumors are spread about them.

Orientations: Lesbian and Gay Asians

Richard Fung


Canada / 56min

Resurfaced 1982 Documentary

Robert Burden and Dictelio Cepeda


Accompanied by the tag line "hard facts and hard humor about a hard way of life," this newly resurfaced public access tv short documentary from 1982 interviews Manhattan's diverse male street hustler population about their stories and struggles.


John Maybury


UK | 13 min

Some Aspect of a Shared Lifestyle

Gregg Bordowitz


USA / 22 mins
Reframing the debate from one of moral calumny to a matter of the Constitutional right to privacy, Bordowitz successfully portrays the complexity of issues surrounding the HIV/AIDS epidemic, forcefully arguing for the need to confront AIDS as an equal-opportunity threat to all members of society.

The Attitude Assumed: Still Life With Still Born

Cerith Wyn Evans


UK | 19 min.

The Miracle of the Rose

Cerith Wyn Evans


UK | 25 min.

The Private View

Neo Naturists


UK | 13 min.

The Technology of Souls

John Maybury


UK | 11 min.


Michael Brynntrup


7 min / Germany
Photo, film, and TV images from September 22nd, 1981. Corner of Potsdamer Strasse and Bülowstrasse.

Vermisst: I. Merx, Privatdetektivin

Dagmar Heinrich


Switzerland | 35 min


Maria Lang


Germany / 30’

Who is Richard Jay Silverthorn, Anyway?



USA / 8 mins
Fulfilling the dreams of many artists, the USC student filmmaker turns the camera inward, giving us access to his vibrant and twisted inner world.

Women Like Us & Women Like That

Rosalind Pearson

1989 &

United Kingdom - 55 min & 30 min
First screened in 1989 as part of Channel 4’s groundbreaking TV series ‘Out on Tuesday’, these two documentaries explore and revisit the lives of older lesbians in the UK from different cultures, classes and backgrounds from the 1920s to that present day (1989). Their stories incorporate ideas about lesbianism, the changing image of lesbians, love and romance, the pressures that led some of them to marry and the later discovery of their lesbian identity with the subsequent coming out stories to their children.

Putting this in context, only 6 years earlier Channel 4 had launched ‘One in Five’, a weekly programme for the gay and lesbian communities which led to call for Channel 4 to be scrapped!


Maria Lang


Germany / 28’
Women love other women in Berlin.

Zwei Frauen

Maria Lang


Germany / 03’