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1970s - UPDATED: 4 January 2020


7-70 Mm/F1,4



Un realitzador aficionat s'obsessiona amb un bell noi a qui persegueix amb la seva càmera nit i dia. Curtmetratge que reflecteix la recerca incansable de la perfecció i la bellesa per part del cineasta. .

Christopher Street Gay Liberation Day

Kate Millett and Susan Kleckner


USA / 5 min
Shot by Millett, Kleckner, and an all-female crew, this raw footage documents New York’s second annual Christopher Street pride parade.

Christopher Street Gay Liberation Day 1971

Kate Millett, Susan Kleckner


USA / 15 mins
Filmed by women, this on-the-street documentation of one of New York’s early Gay Liberation marches is notable for its foregrounding of lesbians in the struggle for sexual freedom.

Double Labyrinthe

Maria Klonaris & Katerina Thomadaki


Pioneers of French feminist cinematic avant-garde, Maria Klonaris and Katerina Thomadaki began their rebellious and most innovative exploration of the female body and identity, going by the evocative name of Cinéma corporel (Cinema of the Body), in 1975 with the film-manifesto Double Labyrinthe.

The two artists film one another in a series of portraits aiming at the visualisation of the subconscious through mysterious rituals, calling upon Ancient Greek and Egyptian archetypes. This mesmeric and purely feminine representation, exclusively filtered by the female gaze, not only deeply destabilises the dominant female depiction in the film medium, but also goes on to subvert the relationship between “filmer” and filmed.

Fuck You, Santa Claus

Robert Opel


USA /19 mins
Sometimes the title literally says it all. In this erotic film, one man gets his ultimate Christmas wish.

Glad to be Gay

Tom Robinson


UK / 3 min – Music Video

Hats Off to Hollywood

Penelope Spheeris


USA / 22 mins
Continuing the story presented in I Don’t Know, this mix of documentary and recreations was decades ahead of its time is challenging audiences assumptions about heteronormality.  

I Was/I Am

Barbara Hammer


USA, 6 min
One of the first 3 16 mm films made by Barbara Hammer. The filmmaker changes from a damsel in gown and crown to a leather jacket motorcycle dyke. Symbolic references to Maya Deren underscore her inspiration for Hammer.

I’m a Voyeur

 Colin Campbel


Canada | 15 min
Performance art meets art video: play with mirrors, lenses, shame and nakedness as well as the voice and the self.

La Belle

Takis Spetsiotis


Greece, 30’

Lisa and the Other

Takis Spetsiotis


Greece, 8’

Maricones Hasta El Final / Aranprunyà



Alfonso de Sierra, Lluis Escribano, Ramón Massa, Ces Martí and Enric Bentz were Els 5 QKs, a group of filmmakers who, in 1975, teamed up to create a unique, avant-garde, transgressive cinema that broke with the social, religious and political conventions of the time, making “fags” (maricones in Spanish; words like gay and homosexual were not much used in those days) the protagonists, the heroes: proud, shameless, above good and evil… Absolute pleasure as identity.

Still Life with Phrenology Head

Cerith Wyn Evans


UK / 15 min.

Tea Room Scene

Richard J. Silverthorn


USA / 8 mins
A popular USC jock with a doting girlfriend explores the underground male sex network in a university campus bathroom.

The Modern Image

John Maybury


UK / 13 min.

Women I Love

Barbara Hammer


USA / 22:39
A series of cameo portraits of the filmmakers friends and lovers intercut with a playful celebration of fruits and vegetables in nature. Culminating footage evokes a tantric painting of sexuality sustained.