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Surf Grifters

Country: USA, Language: English, 35 mins

  • Director: Alexander Roman
  • Writer: Alexander Roman
  • Producer: Alexander Roman

CGiii Comment

This should have won quite a few awards...

For: Worst acting...ever.

For: Worst writing...ever.

And, it perfectly demonstrates that has-been and up-and-coming porn stars really can't act.

It's porn film without the porn. But...there is a tiny willy on show!

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The(ir) Blurb...

Duke and Malcolm have found a cheap place to stay in Manhattan Beach owned by Mister Benson. The pair meet Mister Benson's nephew Robert. They all become very close and one day, Malcolm hears about a lot of cash that Mister Benson is transferring so an idea to hijack the money comes into play only to go terribly wrong. Murder and Memory Loss bring a twisted fate onto these pair of Grifters.

Cast & Characters

Connor Field as Malcolm
Jake Jensen as Duke
Alexander Roman as Robert
Michael Vaccaro as Mister Benson