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Country: Brazil, Language: Portuguese, 18 mins

  • Director: Asaph Luccas
  • Writer: Asaph Luccas; Carol Santos; Gabriel Soares; Guilherme Candido; Joyce Santos; Leonardo Domingos; Oliv Barros; Tatiane Ursulino
  • Producer: Gleba do Pêssego

CGiii Comment

There's so much to like about this...then, there's the nonsense.

The cinematography is excellent. The gimmicks are unnecessary. The dialogue is a little too preachy in places.

Shame, this could have been a dynamic little film.


BONDE - trailer from Gleba do Pêssego on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

Three young black friends from Heliópolis favela go out seeking for refuge in downtown LGBT+ night scene of São Paulo.

Três jovens negros da favela de Heliópolis saem em busca de refúgio na vida noturna LGBT+ do centro da cidade de São Paulo.

Cast & Characters

Alice Mrcone as Lua;
Eric Oliveira as Raí;
Joyce Brito as Camis