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Country: USA, Language: English, 4 mins

  • Director: Ben Alagna
  • Writer: Ben Alagna
  • Producer: Ben Alagna; Stephen Anthony Bailey

CGiii Comment

The kid is great...the adults are awful, especially the men!


The(ir) Blurb...

In a world where homosexuality is the accepted norm, and heterosexuals are the disgraced minority, a young boy must face a harsh reality after coming out as straight.

Cast & Characters

Dane Jamieson as Walt (as DJ Price)
Georgia T. Willow as Emily
Melissa Schumacher as Mother #1
Stephanie Barone as Mother #2
Jennifer Titus as News Anchor
William Frederick Knight as Priest (as William Knight)
Brandon Shim as Politician
Jamieson Price as Protestor
Robert Streeper as Protestor / Radio DJ
Angela Zagone as Protestor / Radio DJ
Michael Shacket as Bully #1
Jarod Bainbridge as Bully #2
Bruce L. Hart as Neighbor
Alberto Carroll as Sebastian
Ben Alagna as Radio DJ (voice)