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Love, Paper, Scissors

Country: Bulgaria | Netherlands, Language: Bulgarian, 22 mins

Original Title

Lyubov, nozhica, hartiya
  • Director: Plamen Marinov
  • Writer: Hristina Asenova; Hristo Kanov; Plamen Marinov; Snezhina Piskova
  • Producer: Snezhina Piskova

CGiii Comment

The cinematography is decent enough.

Girl stalks girl. Girl gets girl. Girl dumps's all been done before...but, not as boring as this.


The(ir) Blurb...

Laura is a shy girl who refuses to see other people and never leaves her home where she makes origami all day long. All of a sudden, she crashes on Elena - an adventurer and a traveler who never stays in one place for too long. Will the two have the courage to escape from their comfort zone and build a serious relationship?

Cast & Characters

Vesela Babinova as Elena
Boryana Bratoeva as Laura