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(F)Our Seasons

Country: Spain, 14 mins

  • Director: Miguel Gabaldón
  • Writer: Miguel Gabaldón
  • Producer: Miguel Gabaldón

CGiii Comment

Perhaps some dialogue would have helped.


The(ir) Blurb...

Throughout the four seasons of the year, this four stories are just a simple glimpse with no words through the life of four couples that meet, live, split and meet again in the cities of Madrid, Chicago and New York. The different stages of a relationship in a voyeuristic exercise, embodied in a wide range of couples and set in different cities of the world. Because we all share the same feelings, no matter who you are or where you came from.

Reflejadas en las cuatro estaciones, estas cuatro historias son sólo una mirada sin palabras a cuatro parejas que se encuentran, viven, se separan y se reencuentran en las ciudades de Madrid, Chicago y Nueva York. Una vista a las diferentes etapas de una relación de pareja. Y es que todos pasamos por lo mismo, no importa quienes seamos o de dónde vengamos.

Cast & Characters

Michael Bradley Cohen
Ana García
Daniel K. Isaac
Apollo King
Rut Santamaría
Malia Bambi Santiago
José Troncoso