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Coincoin and the Extra-Humans

Country: France, Language: French, 52 mins

Original Title

Coincoin et les z'inhumains
  • Director: Bruno Dumont
  • Writer: Bruno Dumont
  • Producer: Rachid Bouchareb; Jean Bréhat; Muriel Merlin

CGiii Comment

200 minutes of WTF!!! Is this a case of 'absurdism' being taken too far? Definitely, 100 minutes too far!

Because...the first 50 minutes are an explosion to the senses. This is mayhem...with some of the best visual gags in recent memory. The next 50 minutes, the gags start to repeat, over and over again. As for the final 100 minutes...well, let's just say they were unnecessary. Talk about stretching something out until the breaking point is well and truly reached...Bruno Dumont certainly reached that point and went over it. He even writes how repetition becomes monotonous...pity he didn't take his own words and applied them to this sprawling project.

There are so many storylines, with too many getting lost in the mayhem. Lesbian farmers, gay vicars...randomly pop in and out of the story...and then, there are the big black splodges that [randomly] drop from the heavens when you least expect them to...funny at first, the joke wears does the stunt driving!

It is actually a shame...because, Coincoin could have been something truly special...casting people with learning disabilities is something that more directors should do...but, everyone on-screen [still] needs to be directed. And, every director should know when they have taken it [all] too far!


The(ir) Blurb...

Quinquin is now a grown-up and goes by the nickname CoinCoin. He hangs out on the Côte D'Opale and attends meetings of the Nationalist Party with his childhood friend Fatso. His old love, Eve, has abandoned him for Corinne. When a strange magma is found near the town, the inhabitants suddenly start to behave very weirdly. Our two heroes, Captain Van Der Weyden and his loyal assistant Carpentier, investigate these alien attacks. The Extra-Human invasion has begun.

Cast & Characters

Alane Delhaye as Coincoin
Bernard Pruvost as  Van der Weyden
Philippe Jore as  Carpentier
Lucy Caron as Eve Terrier
Julien Bodard as L'gros
Alexia Depret as Jenny
Christophe Verheecke as Maurice Lebleu
Jason Cirot as L'oncle Dany
Nicolas Leclaire as D'nis
Cédric Lemaire as Curé 1
Priscilla Benoist as Corinne
Marie-Josée Wlodarczack as Madame Lebleu
Stéphane Gallais as Curé 2
Frédéric Castagno as Expert de la scientifique
Philippe Peuvion as Père de Coincoin
Raphaël Mourgues as Le procureur