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Country: United States, Language: English, 158 mins

  • Director: Todd Field
  • Writer: Todd Field
  • Producer: Cate Blanchett, Sebastian Fahr-Brix, Todd Field, Scott Lambert, Francesca Lentini, Chris Lowenstein, Alexandra Milchan, Nigel Wooll

CGiii Comment

Lydia Tár is an acclaimed composer who rose to become the first female chief conductor of a German orchestra. We follow Tár during her daily life living in Berlin, leading up to the recording of her latest symphony, while her sentimental life (including a complicated tormented affair with a female cellist) life clashes with and threatens her burning ambitions. Tár’s adopted daughter, the exceptionally brilliant six-year-old Petra, will turn out to be the rock Lydia needs, when everything in her life seems to start going wrong.


Cast & Characters

Cate Blanchett (as Lydia Tár)
Mark Strong
Sydney Lemmon
Julian Glover
Nina Hoss
Noémie Merlant
Vincent Riotta (as Cory)
Allan Corduner
Sam Douglas (as Marty)
Lucie Pohl (as Shannon)
Murali Perumal (as Livery Driver)
Vivian Full (as Kristine)
Lee R. Sellars (as Tony)
Ed White (as Jake)
Amanda Blake (as Publicist)
Sophie Kauer
Frank Röth (as Frank)
Diana Birenyte (as Dancer)
Sylvia Flote (as Krista)
Christoph Tomanek (as Anna's husband)
Lydia Schamschula (as Lina Greff)
Jessica Hansen
André Röhner (as Lawyer)