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Country: Italy, Language: Italian, 90 mins

Original Title

Maledetta primavera
  • Director: Elisa Amoruso
  • Writer: Elisa Amoruso; Eleonora Cimpanelli; Paola Randi
  • Producer: Angelo Barbagallo

CGiii Comment

Nina is 13 years old with an incredibly messy family. Her entire world is suddenly disrupted when they move from the center of Rome to a grey, dingy suburb where the boys ride on scooters and act tough. Then she meets Sirley, a lonely and rebellious girl from French Guyana who lives in the next building. They develop a strong and intense friendship that will change Nina's life forever.


Cast & Characters

Micaela Ramazzotti as Laura
Giampaolo Morelli as Enzo
Emma Fasano as Nina
Federico Ielapi as Lorenzo
Manon Bresch as Sirley
Fabrizia Sacchi as Madre Sirley
Orietta Notari as Suor Caterina
Clara Galante as Suor Maria
Sara Franchetti as Nonna Adriana
Massimo Cagnina as Cicala
Eliana Miglio as Alba
Claudio Bigagli as Prete
Carmen De Luca as Rita
Giulia Diberti as Francesca
Rosa Enginoli as Azzurra
Greta Favino
Roberto Fazioli as Trasportatore
Francesca Giordano as Concetta
Lorenzo Giovaniello as Daniele Masci
Giuliana Mancini as Quintina
Maria Pia Picozza as Ragazza
Laura Rovetti as Segretaria
Emma Testoni as Filomena
Michela Verginelli as Veronica
Gianluigi Zamponi as Paolo