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2020 - UPDATED: 24 October 2020



DW Walks


Their work is focused on collaboration and intersectionality, building relationships, and having conversations in spaces that solidify and amplify the experiences inherent in brownness and queerness and humanness.

10/01 Queer Nights

Michalina Mrozek


Germany / 30 mins
Six queer fugitives take the stage in this beautiful theater-dance-project, using movement to connect their different migration paths and share each of their stories.

580 East

Jen Robles


USA / 15mins
Oakland’s rapid development chokes the growth of a Latina.

A Companion

JUNG Hye won 정혜원


Korea / 22min

A Conversation

Louise Sautron


France; 3 minutes
A conversation set between images, sound and text. all to the service of the message. The message being the journey to self-acceptance.

A Good Day / Ein Guter Morgen

Jan Soldat


Germany / 4 mins
A good day for the hotel guest. 

A Good Mother

LEE Yu-jin 이유진


Korea / 24min

A Headlamp or Two

Beth Terwilleger


USA; 6 min.
The COVID pandemic nixed Seattle Dance Collective’s annual season, so they presented the season as a film festival. This short dance piece uses absurdity and humor as a way to cope with excruciating emotional pain.

A Headlamp or Two: Creating Dance Through a Pandemic Lockdown

Bruno Roque


USA; 30 min. 
During the early months of the pandemic, the Seattle Dance Collective became one of the first companies to produce new dance for digital distribution, documenting both discoveries and unprecedented challenges. 

A Real Hail Maria: Death of a White Goddess

Erica Nevarez Schachtele


USA; 13 minutes
A brown trans woman is summoned in a dream to a hilltop, where a White Goddess is awaiting her fate – as our new golden dawn may no longer have a place for her racism and transphobia. Through the magic of song, the woman and the goddess battle – but this first effort ends in failure. Given another chance by a passing raven, the woman returns to face the white goddess again.

A Wild Dedication

 / Una dedicatoria a la bestia



Spain / 10 mins
As if engaging in an archaeological task, A Wild Dedication presents different objects found in the Woman Welfare Agency’s headquarters in San Fernando de Henares, which was operational from 1944 to 1985. Can a space built for female sexual repression give out traces of rebellion forms? Which affective memory do these “souvenirs” trigger and how can they be integrated in the historic account on the Franco regime, the Spanish Transition and the first years of democracy?

Aje Ijo

Kiana Harris


USA; 14 min.
A kaleidoscopic dance elicits elements of the African diaspora while interrogating the Western gender binary.

All the Young Dudes

William Stead


USA / 8 mins
Georgia, USA, 1973. Through his love of British glam rock, Billy rebels against his conservative high school, unleashing havoc upon the student body; inadvertently inspiring admiration from Jacob, a closeted glam child with a desire to walk on the wild side…

An Einem Film Zum Thema Shopping?

Jan Soldat


Germany / Austria / 5´
A blind date one afternoon at the mall. 


Sylvain Certain


5 mins, France
Elsa must go to her grandmother to make a revelation which will upset her.

Antifa Faggots

Lasse Långström aka Antiffa Vänsterfitta 


Sweden / 25 mins
Gentrification is creeping closer to the home of the antifa faggots and the topic for todays house meeting is the threat of eviction. But it all has to wait when it is revealed that somebody has put meat in the fridge. Prepare yourselves for discipline and punishment!

At Home but Not at Home

Suneil Sanzgiri


11 min. USA, India
Sanzgiri's father was 18 when India ousted the last remaining Portuguese colonizers from Goa in 1961. Combining 16mm with drone footage, desktop screenshots, and Skype interviews with his father, Sanzgiri utilizes various modes of seeing at a distance to question identity, the construction of memory and anti-colonial solidarity across continents.


Laura Río


Spain / 9 mins
Un cortometraje pensado y rodado durante el Estado de Alarma provocado por el Covid-19. No es fácil contar historias en momentos así, pero lo hicimos de la mejor forma que pudimos ¡Ojalá os guste!

Awake But Dreaming (or the hypnosis operated by Tumblr on my poor brain)

Mathieu Morel


France / 4 mins
A collage exercise around the consumption of images on the internet, entirely made up from gifs.

Babtou Fragile

Hakim Mao


France /18 mins
Trop coincé ! Selon Olive, sa meilleure amie, qui le pousse à se lâcher un peu et à faire des plans sans lendemain via des applications de rencontre gay. Le jour où Mehdi se décide enfin, il est loin de s’imaginer les attentes un peu particulières de son amant d’un soir.

Bather Dies / Muere un Bañista

Iñigo Cobo


Spain / 20 mins
It’s your last night working here. It’s the last night of the summer. And tonight you turn 18.

Because They Love Me

Poll Andrium Landazury Hurtado


Colombia; 9 minutes
Poll knows many stories from friends that have suffered rejection, physical abuse and humiliations coming from their families, for being lesbians, gays or transgender. If families preach love, why do they do that? With these questions, Poll who doesn’t feel female or male and who has expressed their lesbian attitude from a very young age, gathers their numerous family that lives in the neighborhood Siloe (Comuna 20) in Cali, Colombia, to ask them a very simple yet very deep question: Why do you love me? This short film is a tribute from Poll to their family where love thrives over prejudices and stereotypes and is also a call for other families to defeat their fears and choose to love. 

Before and After Detention

Armando Ibanez


USA / 13 mins
“Before and After Detention” follows the journey of three transgender women as they seek a better life in the US while confronting transphobia, racism, and discrimination. Yet, they are filled with hope and resilience and fight every day to call the US home.

Behind the Drag: Aurora Sexton

Lisa Donato


USA / 5 mins
Aurora Sexton is a trans woman and drag queen from Los Angeles currently performing in Provincetown, Massachusetts, who's known for dressing up as classic villains and giving them a positive, witty spin. She's highly respected by her peers for her craft and performance, but life hasn't always been golden.

Beside the Vistula River / Nad Wisłą

Agata Korycka


Poland / 40 mins
This love story, set against the backdrop of extreme right-wing protests, reminds us that queer love and politics are never too far apart. When Kinga falls for another woman, she sets off on a journey not only to soul-searching and self-reflection, but also to social-political awareness.

Big (foot) love

Alessia Cecchet & Joshua Dean Tuthill


Italy, United States / 2 mins
A forest, a hunter, a groan.

Birds of a Feather

Varad Bhamburdekar


USA / 2 mina
In the courtyard of an Indian Palace a male peacock named Kana fails to get his feathers up for a female named Ami until he meets another peacock named Madan with the same problem. They both finally bloom to reveal their feathers and their attraction for each other as the film closes with a Bollywood dance sequence as the peacocks celebrate their new found love.

Birthday Boy / Vuelta Al Sol

Judith Corro


Brotherly love and understanding emerge strong in this big-hearted Panamanian short.

Blessedness: Monsters and Specters

Jiyeong Hong 홍지영


Korea / 77min
Monsters, Ghosts, and Freeman consist of three chapters titled the main formulation of the film. The images and lines in the movie allow viewers to experience the sensations felt as non-mainstream in society from various perspectives.

Breath Control

Carson Parish


USA, 9 mins
Heartbreak, breathplay, suspension bondage, and a conscientious ghost create a queer tale of redemption set in the woods.

Call Me Krishna

Rojelio Palacios


Afraid of what the world will think of their true self, Aria steals themselves for interactions with their family, friends and the public after trying on a binder and packer for the first time. Aria sets off on a journey in which they must face their insecurities, by overcoming their fear of passing and coming out. They soon realize that they are not alone, and with the support of their best friend Skyler, a trans female, they are finally able to build up the courage to come out.

Camera and I

Shine Louise Houston/ Pink & White Productions


Jasko Fide loves with the camera.

Camille et Moi

Marie Cogné


France / 18’14
Camille and Marie are in love. But everyone has something to say about the relationship.

Capitol & Broad

Tanea Lunsford Lynx


USA / 4 mins
Black families blossom despite the drought of gentrification.

Catcher in the Rye

Ryan Cassata


USA; 4 minutes
A transgender man revisits and reclaims his hometown after leaving due to homophobia/transphobia.

Chants D'amours



3' Canada
PD, gouine, tranny... Retourner l'insulte et en faire son étendard, sa force, sa fierté.

Closeted Lesbian

Bia Lee


Brazil / 6 mins
This is a late apology, a late loveletter, a late goodbye.

Cocky King

Aïcha Belkhodja


Canada / 9 mins
Charli Deville is the "king of drag kings". As she prepares to get on stage, Coco erases her womanly features with makeup and creates Charli. She asks herself about virility and how she feels when she becomes Charli. Her voice is intertwined to Clark's, a transgender man. He wonders about the role of drag kings and what it means to be a man.


Anne-Camille Vaucher


Switzerland / 5 mins

Coffee and Love



Sadomasocat est mouselover et vient de trouver son kif absolu sur le net... Une parodie fantasque des sites de rencontre et de leurs à-côtés.

Coming Home

Laura Mannix


Republic of Ireland / 10’
Devin’s childhood exists in these four walls. How do we stop bad memories replacing the good?

Coming out

Kenneth Castillo


USA / 6 mins
One girl, after asking another woman to meet for coffee, is slow to tell her why she wanted the meeting, but the other woman quickly guesses.

Conversations with Atlas

Tierra Frost


USA / 4 mins
A queer Black woman nurtures chosen community seedlings.

Coreografías de la Transgresión

Soraya Ronquillo


Spain / 44 mins
De Lima a Cusco (Perú), las protagonistas de este documental nos acercan al espacio de lo transfemenino. Las experiencias de vida de cada una de ellas hilvanan un relato de lucha y reivindicación, en el que lo religioso-tradicional, la danza o el activismo se convierten en espacios de resistencia, de empoderamiento individual y colectivo.


Nathalie Isabel Raiz-Anaya


USA / 3 mins
Mental health shadows the success of an agender Black person.

cumcumcumcumcum everybody

Peter Millard



Dark Cloud

Matt Embry, Holly Dupej


Canada / 45 mins
DARK CLOUD examines a growing epidemic affecting the lives of young people: the toll of cyberbullies, online trolls, and digital antagonism.
Told through the eyes of Carol Todd, the mother of B.C. teen Amanda Todd, whose suicide after years of bullying and cyberstalking became a flashpoint for global action and gained her the label “The Girl Who Woke Up the World.”

De Façade

Julien Hérichon


Frankreich  | 8 min
Loïc plaudert mit Max, seinem Geliebten, über Skype. Loïc hat gerade um 20 Uhr dem Pflegepersonal applaudiert. Max kommt von der Arbeit nach Hause. Es entsteht eine Distanz zwischen den beiden Männern.


Lucía León, Enric Llonch, Judit Serral, Júlia Gaitano


Spain / 15 mins
Anya lleva meses hablando con Gina a través de Instagram. Se ha convertido en un ritual diario y ambas han empezado a sentir algo por la otra. Pero Anya cree que no está preparada para conocerla en persona; los fantasmas de sus relaciones previas la frenan y evitan que la relación salga de la red social. Hasta que una noche, en una fiesta Anya se encuentra a Gina y se enfrenta al choque de tener que trasladar la relación y su identidad digital al mundo físico de carne y huesos.

Der Weg zum Regenbogen

Ramona Lengert/Theresa Möckel/Dennis Remmers


Deutschland, 56 Minuten
„Du bist so lange als homosexuelles Paar gleichberechtigt, bis du Kinder haben möchtest“, das ist die Erkenntnis vieler lesbischer und schwuler Paare.
Die Dokumentation „Der Weg zum Regenbogen“ portraitiert drei gleichgeschlechtliche Paare, gibt einen Einblick in das Leben von Regenbogenfamilien und zeigt die Hürden bei der Familiengründung.


Jung Wol 정월


Korea / 19 mins
The Army Headquarters investigation team comes to Lieutenant Sejin, who is serving in the front, without notice. Under the direction of the Chief of Staff, the investigation team, who is searching for homosexuals in the military, asks questions about Sejin and his motive, Hyunsoo. They warn that if they don't cooperate, Sejin will be in jeopardy.


Philippe Vallois


France / 90 mins
Back to a topical issue: In the early 90s, AIDS was taking its toll.
After losing his friend, the protagonist, HIV-positive, decides to participate in a clandestine therapeutic trial proposed by Professor Andrieu at Laennec hospital.
The Researcher accepts to be filmed by his patient and a deep friendship is formed little by little.


Kim Garcia


USA; 13 min.
A group of queer city punks find the key to their dreams and desires in an abandoned warehouse.

Divine lust

Anthony de Bono


Germany / 10 mins
Creating a visual experience of intimacy and collaboration within queer culture. With the stark reminder that existence is political.

Don't Forget to Go Home

Victoria Singh-Thompson


Australia / 12 mins
Don’t Forget To Go Home is a short film about two sisters who run from their cousin’s wedding to go on a drug fuelled bender, looking for love in all the wrong places.

Don't Text Back

Kaye Adelaide, Mariel Sharp


Canada, 14 mins
Kelly visits an energy healing expert named Jaren, in hopes of finding a solution to the supernatural locket that's effecting her everyday life.


Arantza Ibarra


Spain / 21 mins
Un breve documental sobre la historia de un adolescente trans llamado Ekai Lersundi, quien cometió suicidio en el 2018 mientras luchaba contra la burocracia alrededor de la asignación de terapia de reemplazo hormonal.


Karla Selena Como Martínez 


Mexico / 1´
An unexpected smile can change your day. 

Every Goddamn New Jordan

Natalie Kim


USA / 5 mins
Identities unfold in heliotropic motion for two men of color.

Everytime On Tuesdays

Jan Soldat


Germany / Austria / 6 mins
A brief meeting with Mik and Flo on their training day.  

Factory Talk

Lucie Rachel & Chrissie Hyde


5 mins, UK
An intergenerational conversation about identity, sexuality and masculinity in a rural factory.

Fagdyke Cruising

Toni Karat


Germany /  16’23
Hermannplatz subway station, Berlin Neukölln. A FagDyke is looking out for a hook-up. Cruising.


Jan-Peter Horstmann


Germany / 22’
Unspectacular sex and a scuffle between two men from very different backgrounds lead to some unexpected connections. 

femme de force, pt. 1



USA; 15 minutes
Where gender is the performance, patriarchy is the contract. This is an excerpt to illuminate the everyday struggles of Black TransWomen in our communities.

Fidel Lemoy

Rubén Monsuy


Equatorial Guinea | 62’
Equatorial Guinea became independent 51 years ago from Spain. This African country lives under one of the longest-lived dictatorships in the world, Teodoro Obiang, a military man trained in Zaragoza. His regime strongly represses all freedoms, including sexual ones. Franco Spanish laws are still in force in the country, such as the «public scandal». It is not possible to protest on the street and the only LGTB organization in the country has not been able to legalize itself. In addition, the country’s Parliament is studying hardening the current penal code. To denounce the situation, the group «We are part of the world» has collected the voices of the community in a documentary that pays tribute to Fidel Lemoy, one of its best-known faces, who disappeared last year.

Finally Leon

Paula Weiß


Germany / 6 mins
In wintertime, two months after his top surgery, a young transsexual man is driving past an abandoned swimming pool area. In the heat of passion, he climbs over the fence and starts to undress. Revealing his true body he finds freedom and a catalyzer for his repressed feelings. -A short film about a man who is starting a new life.

Finding Ambiance

Kayla Patterson


USA / 5 mins
A trip to the beach untangles the roots of a woman’s subconscious.

First Love / Premier Amour

Florent Gouelou


France; 11 mins
Parisian drag queen Cookie Kunty is the star of the night, but from the back of the theater, her boyfriend Baptiste may be looking at her for the last time.

Fish Head

Grace Tan


Australia, 10 mins
An alienated teen on the cusp of womanhood must find solace in an alternate coming of age, where lines of gender dissolve by the surrounds of the sea.


Pauline Quinonero


France / 4 mins
Elisabeth aime Florence. Mais Florence a disparu.


Heather María Ács


USA, 14 mins
Follows five characters, including a seasoned drag queen and a young queer couple stumbling through nonmonogamy, at a queer dance party and drag club. The stories swirl together as the magic of queer space pulls them in and the transformative power of drag allows them to break free.


Lauren Parker Hart


Canada | 5 min

Forbidden Transit / Divieto di transito

Roberto Cannavò


Italy / 15 mins
From her roots in southern Italy to her landing in Bologna, the leader of the Italian trans movement Porpora Marcasciano relives the discovery of herself, between the denied identity and many battles for rights. A researching interview based on the character of Porpora. No transit focuses the attention on the most intimate aspect of Porpora's life and on the discriminations that a transsexual person goes trough his life. 


Lydia Smyth


USA / 9 mins
Kacey tries to rekindle her first love with Sam, but comes to an inevitable realization.

From Last to First

Navid Sinaki


USA / 5’
A hypnotic Iranian love story told through the magic of bootleg DVD menus.

From time to time, I burn / De vez em quando eu ardo

Carlos Segundo


Brazil / 16 mins
Segund’s his star is again a woman, a photographer who consider her profession in a very special way, using the ancient device of a pinhole camera.

Fumiko Suki

Antonio Vizcaíno Delgado


Mexico / 15 mins
“Fumiko Suki” es la historia de dos jóvenes que buscan el amor en diferentes lugares: un joven otaku fan de los videojuegos, y otro que descubre su gusto por travestirse.


Thịnh Nguyễn


7 min. Denmark 
From out of the universe, a little boy is born with a quest for a voyage to planet Earth. During his journey, he comes to an absurd small town where a mysterious funeral is happening. With curiosity, the boy attends the funeral to see who is the dead one.

Game On!

Mária Takács


UK / 67 mins
The film portrays 5 protagonists from 4 different countries, each disrupting amateur sport with their gay, lesbian, trans and intersex identities. They talk candidly about their sports journeys, their individual experiences and their private life.

Gang 888

Banzi Mavuso


South Africa; 8 min
At the end of their tether, five Black lesbians walk a dangerous road of revenge and retribution against toxic masculinity.

God’s Daughter Dances

Sungbin BYUN


Korea, 30, 24’
A transgender female dancer, Shin-mi, gets a call from the Military Manpower Administration, to attend for the Military Service Examination. Shin-mi, with everything in readiness, takes her steps to the Military Manpower Administration.

Golden Rainbow

Rafael Monserrate


Puerto Rico, 27 min.
This documentary presents stories, experiences and life perspectives of gay older adults, facing the double bias of homophobia and age discrimination within their own community.

Goliath’s Henrychment

Luís Magina


Portugal / 13 mins
Durante la grabación de un show de televisión ambientado en los 80’s, Enrique conoce a Goliat, quien está nervioso de sostener el micrófono boom por la primera vez. Al comienzo, oprimidos por el silencio religioso del set, ambos se hallan limitados a intercambiar miradas provocadoras que pueden llevarlos a algo más.

Goodbye Rebecca & Eileen

Sarah Hill


13 mins, USA
A non-linear narrative exploring the before, during, and after of a top surgery journey.


Smarak Samarjeet


India / 31 mins
Can a Trans woman reimagine the world before her, without a fight for her rights, acceptance in the society and equal opportunity? A documentary short about a young trans woman, seeking a dignified life for her and her community.

Grietas en el patriarcado

Cagdas Celtikli, Kai Münch


Germany / 77 mins
Un documental ilustrado desde siete perspectivas sobre la lucha multifacética de la comunidad LGBTQI+ en Buenos Aires.

Hand of Power

Dara Gellman


Canada / 6 mins
Interrogating both present-day and retrospective cultural narratives about gender, this video work examines the gestures of the filmic hand.

Hanging By a Thread

Russell Atkinson


UK / 2 mins
To which and how many threads are we suspended, when fears, loneliness and irrational thoughts take over?

Her Name is Bo

Marion Vagner & Christophe Deborsu


France, 50’
Going through the process of changing your sex and ‘coming out’ as transsexual to your friends and colleagues is always a difficult process. Now imagine doing it at the age of 58, when you are already a well-known TV reporter with a wife and children. That’s what Belgian journalist Bo van Spilbeeck felt compelled to do. And she decided to film the entire process. A courageous and inspirational testimony to being true to oneself, against all prejudices and discrimination.

Her Story

Ten Liliya, Aigulya Adjieva


Kyrgyzstan / 32 mins
A documentary film about lesbian, bisexual and queer women in Kyrgyzstan. Its main character Mira is an open lesbian. After a 10-year marriage to a man, she got strength in her newfound independence and came out publicly to show that there are LGBTQ+ people in Kyrgyzstan, as well as to inspire younger generation to live their lives. 


Samantha Lai


USA; 4 min.
Samatha explores the different worlds that she has grown up between.


Alessandro Casale, Stefano Raffaele


Italy / 5 Min
On a bright morning, a man sends a letter to his son as a legacy and walkes away towards the future he has chosen.

Hiding in the Lights

Katrina Daschner


73 min. Austria, Italy, Spain, Germany 
In an alchemy of material and matter, Katrina Daschner stages queer structures of desire: architectural details, bodies, and materials are erotically charged and staged as fetishes, animate and inanimate matter melds with the women performing. At the same time, this eight-part, queer round dance presents, in a quote-like way, a journey through cinema’s origins in the culture industry, in vaudeville, chorus line, circus, and fun fair, as sites of staged visual pleasure.

Hola Yumbo

Tim Dekkers


Netherlands / 58 mins
An extraordinary portrait of a unique, gay phenomenon. Shopping centre Yumbo on the Spanish island of Gran Canaria has traditionally been a top attraction for gay men from all over Europe. By day, the building is one of Europe’s most depressing and ugly shopping centres. So how come gay men, who are known for their refined and trendy tastes, flock to this concrete jungle?


Aster Lobel


USA / 3 mins
A man sitting alone at a bar finds the night takes a surprising turn when seduced onto the dance floor by a mysterious stranger.

How to Respect Gender Pronouns

Imani Outen


USA / 4 mins
A Black woman’s understanding of gender unfurls in wonder.


Arthur López Aguilar


Peru / 20 mins
¿Hasta qué punto la sociedad puede encasillar el futuro de una persona? Agustín Huamanga es un joven zapatero que ha llevado siempre una vida rutinaria: dedicado, trabajador, formidable esposo e hijo ejemplar. Todo sigue igual hasta el regreso de Lalo, antiguo amigo de Agucho, quien busca revivir un antiguo idilio amoroso.


Tin Lee


A teenage girl sets out to discreetly master her burgeoning sexuality.

I Am an Other

Victoria Salomonsen


16 min. Denmark
They are in a relationship, they live together in the suburbs of Copenhagen and they engage in the Japanese role-play form: cosplaying.

I Am Eva

Nata Zverovich


USA, 8 min.
Eva was born and raised in the USSR and is now a photographer and artist living and working in the United States. They identify as gender neutral.
What is it like spending years looking for your own identity growing up in the Soviet Union? Can years of travel and living in many countries help find an answer to questions around personal identity? When can one finally look in the mirror and find the answer?

I Have Mike Pence's Dick in a Pickle Jar. Want to See it?

Charles Lum, Todd Verow


USA / 5 mins
While cruising for sex, a gay man has a once in a lifetime chance to right some recent political wrongs and make America great again.

In Their Fight (Na Luta Delas)

Orion Rose Kelly and Pedro Cota


Brazil / 23 mins
In Brazil, a country led by an openly homophobic president, Rio de Janeiro is one of the most dangerous places to be a member of the LGBTT community, and trans women of color are the most vulnerable. 'Na Luta Delas' (‘In Their Fight’) follows a group of women bravely fighting back, as they track the growing violence, learn self-defense, and challenge the systems failing to keep them safe.


Ester Martin Bergsmark, Marit Östberg, Adrienne Teicher, Mad Kate


Germany, 26 min.
A queer metaphysical love story weaving itself through real and imagined sexual encounters across darkrooms, forest cruising zones and highway shoulders, where bodies are free to imagine themselves in a multiplicity of forms as they encounter other bodies without preconceived notions of what those other bodies desire, what they will need, and how they should be touched. What does it mean for a queer body to actively (un)learn what it might assume about another body’s sex, gender, and desire?


Matteo De Liberato


Italy, 12’
When two different and distant galaxies collide the result is always unpredictable. Carlo and Marco’s lives will change forever.

It Gets Worse Until It Gets Better /
Es muss schlimmer werden bevor es besser wird

Jan Soldat


Germany, 7´
Popular phrases tell the truth.  


Ann Sophie Wieder


France / 30 mins
Jo est un homme trans de 40 ans. Son addiction à la cocaïne l’empêche de poursuivre sa transition dans de bonnes conditions. Il essaie d’arrêter la drogue et de prendre un nouveau départ.

Journey to the Charbagh

Abdullah Qureshi


Finland, Pakistan / 17 min.
Drawing upon Sufi traditions of interpreting Islamic sacred texts where love and equality are celebrated, and with a focus on Buraq, a winged, mythological creature with the ability to travel to heaven, Journey to the CharBagh is a poetic and experimental exploration of queerness from a Muslim perspective.

Journey to the shore

UHM Ha-neul 엄하늘


Korea / 30min
High school students Minha and Sangbeom go on their first trip to the sea. The love story of two boys based on realistic characters and detailed emotion descriptions. 

Judy versus Capitalism

Mike Hoolboom


63 min. Canada
Radical feminist, street fighter, practical dreamer. Shot in super 8, this documentary recounts Judy Rebick’s pivotal role in securing women’s rights over their own bodies in Canada. She lays out the key tenets of second wave feminism, even as a family time bomb threatens. The film closes with a harrowingly personal account of a divided self, and a startling embrace of mental illness as creativity.

Keep in Touch

Memie Osuga


USA; 6 min.
Min and Lillian are best friends...but they’ve only ever met in the online world of the fantasy novel they’re writing together.

Kenyan, Christian Queer

No info


UK / 20 mins
The first LGBT church in Nairobi Kenya.

Key of T

Ashley Chugg


Canada / 12 mins
What happens when you have to choose between who you are and what you love? Choral singer Ari Agha is faced with this dilemma when they consider testosterone therapy, which could cost them their singing voice. A dire lack of research on the topic makes it an even tougher decision. KEY OF T is the story of their decision, the journey of their voice transition, and what they did with the result.

Kind Of

Noah Schamus


USA, 9 mins
KIND OF follows two trans masculine folks in a newly open relationship as they prepare to host brunch — while hashing out their insecurities in the minutes before their friends arrive.

Knots – Fox Shadows

Sabrina Reiter


5 mins
Beginning with static poses in wonderfully minimalist interiors and unfurling into slow movements, the dancers in this video inch toward the flowing choreography’s orgiastic climax. Culminating on a high-rise rooftop, the protagonists seek out the much-needed human contact that external influences continue to deny us.

La felicidad en la que vivo

Carlos Morales


México / 11 min
Samantha Flores is an 84-year-old trans woman who fights against loneliness and invisibility in a society that refuses to acknowledge her existence. Her testimony seeks to represent other olderly LGBTQ+ folks, for instance, by building a house for them.

La revolución bailando

Julia Rebato y Eli Martín


Spain | 56’
The chillers are the People’s group. They came to smash glass, glass ceilings and walls. A world in which parity was conspicuous by its absence, 6 friends without any pretense decided to break the rule and jump onto a stage with minimal knowledge, but with desire to change the world.

Lady Shot

Miss Mojo


USA; 6 minutes
So often, the message of being black, trans, and woman is based on how real you are. Realness is not only a ballroom category; it is a way of life that affords safety to many black trans women. Being able to “pass” in society is essentially life or death for many within the community. This short film was made to highlight the reality of realness and the joy and pain that comes with it.

Lana Kaiser

Philipp Gufler


Germany / 14 mins
In 2002 Lana Kaiser rose to fame as a contestant in Germany’s Idol. Born as Daniel Küblböck, this was also the name she used when she at seventeen polarized the audience with her androgynous appearance and being openly bisexual. In September 2018 she disappeared from a cruise ship headed for the US. An honest and powerful film about being true to oneself, and the media’s often ruthless treatment of people who are different.

Las Curvas de Tus Labios

Alex Lara


Mexico / 90´ 
Nicolás, a young executive, is discovering little by little and in a totally unexpected way, that his wife, the woman he had had the most trust and love for, has been being unfaithful to him for a long period of time. This shocking news leads him to face a process to discover also little by little what he has felt for his wife and what he really wants - and who he wants, loves and wants - in his life. 

Last Supper Zoom

Madigan Burke


USA / 6 mins
In the time of Corona, Jesus meets virtually with his twelve closest buddies to share an important meal, but one of them messes it all up.

Les nouvelles guérillères


Elisa Vandekerckhove


Belgium / 70'
Manifester, coller des messages revendicateurs dans les rues, organiser des "rides" à vélo dans la ville, décoloniser les mentalités via l’art… Seules ou en collectifs, ces femmes* militantes combattent à leur manière les inégalités de genre, le racisme et le sexisme dans l’espace urbain. Chacune de ces actions, à son échelle, dénonce le patriarcat ambiant et propose des solutions pour un autre vivre ensemble, égalitaire, pour un territoire où nulle n’est invisibilisée ou dénigrée. Une quatrième vague féministe s’empare de Bruxelles pour que plus jamais une soeur ne soit seule dans l’espace public.

Let There Be Colour

Ado Hasanovic


Bosnia Herzegovina  / 16 Min

Letters to Eloisa

Adriana Bosch


USA, 62 mins
Featuring the intimate correspondence of a brother to his sister living in exile, Letters to Eloisa tells the story of Cuban literary genius and poet Jose Lezama Lima. Much of his writing contained homoerotic content, placing him on a direct collision course with the Cuban revolutionary government at odds with his writings and his homosexuality. Part biography and part cultural history, Letters to Eloisa traces Lezama’s rise as a literary figure in Cuba and his tragic end, alone and silenced in his Havana home as well as the quiet impact he had had on the GLBT movement in the country.

Life Is Short / La vida es corta

Florencia Batisda


Argentina / 23'
Lu and Jose dive into a frenetic and useless search. They go after the track of Male, a girl who was supposed to date Jose but she never showed up, just because she fall asleep. The paranoic idea that something might had happened to Male, embark this friends on one endless adventure just the night before Lu holds her last college exam. Because Life is short, it reminds us that in order to denormatise we must destroy what is imposed from above, at least from humor. But always being together.


Lamberto Guerra


Spain / 20 mins
Una noche. Tres mujeres. Tres generaciones. Una abuela, una madre y una hija están a punto de perder a Lila, la mascota que las ha unido los últimos casi 20 años. Esto dejará al descubierto sus conflictos no resueltos: sus miedos, sus errores, sus secretos... Y cuánto se necesitan las unas a las otras. Esta noche, no sólo se enfrentan a una despedida amarga, sino a la distancia que las había separado hasta este momento, y descubrirán si son capaces de recorrer ese camino... O de seguir andando solas.

Little Virgin

Benoit Masocco


France, 20’
Marc meets Adrien for a blind date with a girl. But as the girl doesn’t show up, they need a plan B for the evening….

Lost Identification

Axel González


Mexico, 12´
Castiel, a 25-year-old transgender man reflects on his identity through gender, the ways in which he transgresses this concept and how it influences his perception of himself and the world around him. 

Lou: A San Francisco Fantasy

Mya Byrne


USA; 10 minutes
Loosely based on the experiences of Lou Sullivan, gay trans pioneer, the film is an erotically charged snapshot into mid-70s SF cruising, using new and archival footage. Shot on location in the Castro with a trans cast and crew, this is director/writer Mya Byrne’s first film. Edited by Damon Beirne and shot by Lorin Murphy.

Love & Pride

Syren Jordan


USA / 5 mins
A Filipina woman remediates toxic ground to propagate love.

Love Me

Antonis Samourakis


Greece, 26 min.
In the twilight world of a Greek seaside town, a hustler with daddy issues tries to break out of his vicious cycle.

Love You Forever

Sepand Mashiahof, Sepehr Mashiahof, & Hana Harada


USA; 21 minutes
Stuck within the time loop of ritualistic trauma, this film is an experimental horror film that takes place within the spectral plain of “Trans Girl Ether”, amplifying the palpitations of loss, grief, abandonment, and trauma. This story follows two sisters navigating defeatism and nihilism, conquering their fears of one another to learn the unending power of their bond. 


Joseph Douglas-Elmhirst


Jamaica / 19’15
Luther was raised by his mother and grandmother in a remote corner of rural Jamaica. His affection for a doll crystallizes between the two women different conceptions of the relationship to education.

Making Samantha

T Cooper & Allison Glock-Cooper


U.S. / 10 minutes
In this music video for Benjamin Scheuer’s “I Am Samantha” — a song inspired by his friend Samantha Williams — 27 trans actors tell the story of the universal human journey to find identity, acceptance, and love.

Many Bloodlines / Êmîcêtôcêt

Theola Ross


Canada | 11 Min
In a relationship, two women decide that the white partner will carry her partner’s Indigenous child.


Rachel Ni Bhraonain, Gerard O' Keefe


Ireland / 7'
Marian explores our own maternal lineage, hair, the Catholic imagery of Irish childhoods, farm life, 90’s punk girl bands, decay, domestic realities and the secrets passed from one generation of Irish women to the next.

Mask Off

Jaelan Acosta


USA / 15 mins
Trey a closeted high-school senior sets aside his inner anxieties as he journeys to his classmates birthday extravaganza.

Mear sentado

David Montosa


Spain / 12 mins
En lo que parece una noche cualquiera, dos amigos se enfrentan a su peor enemigo.

Mes Chéris

Ethan Folk, Ty Wardwell


Germany, 12 min
Part documentary, part pornography, Mes Chéris is a transboi’s farewell to his boobs. One month before his mastectomy, Bat Boi takes on the role of Chéri, a character modeled after his experiences as a Fierce Fem sex worker. This raunchy tribute subverts straight porn tropes and mainstream trans* representation in a radical act of self-love.

Mirror / Specchio

Caterina Crescini


Italy, 15 min.
Beatrice goes through the looking glass to relive her intense and tormented relationship with Sveva.


Pacha Queer & Melida Coello


Ecuador; 30 mins
In this documentary, the Pacha Queer movement, a dissident, rebel, counter-cultural, and “self-festive” community based in Quito, Ecuador, uses performance art to campaign for social, political, and sexual liberation.

More than two

Dan Dansen


Germany / 35'
A chamber drama set in the countryside in which three queers dare to carry out a utopian experiment in the form of a three-way romantic relationship. Chris has been together with Robyn, a queer trans* man, for years. Robyn recently started a relationship with genderqueer Saba. The three spend a weekend in the countryside to make their relationship utopia a reality. But soon the idyllic atmosphere becomes fraught and they have to decide whether they really want to get involved in this experiment together.

Mother Bunker

George Metaxas


USA/AUS, 5 mins
Set during the robot-human war, a military robot — Mother — begins to self-express by dressing in human drag and performing to a robot army.




Belgium / 4 mins
Derrière un vernis plein de couleurs et de paillettes se cachent des questions crues autour du rapport à notre sexualité et à nos tabous.

Must Be Painful

David Semler


Slovakia / 15´
After missing a train, Danny and his Spanish boyfriend, must share the wait with a homophobic heterosexual couple. 

Must Be Painful

David Sewler


Czech Republic / 15 mins
After missing a train, Danny, a perpetual student, and his Spanish boyfriend must wait in an empty train station.

My LGBTQ Experience

Alex Borden


USA; 5 min. 
Sixteen-year-old Alex investigates their own identities, which change daily.

My Uncle is Audrey Hepburn

Kim Saebyeol 김새별


Korea / 58min
The story of 17-year-old Jun-ho, who is forced to stay with Audrey, the'uncle or aunt' due to debt due to his father's gamble. The film maintains a pleasant and warm view of the world and talks about prejudice against transgender people.

Naomi Replanksky at 100

Megan Rossman


USA, 6’
This short documentary explores the life of renowned poet Naomi Replanksy as she celebrates her 100th year.


Beatriz Cadenas


USA / 2 mins
Wilting words grow to acceptance for a Latina mother and child.


Vivian Renteria


USA / 5 mins
Afro-Indigenous people thrive after generations of displacement.

No Beds in Jerusalem

Oz Shtamler


Israël / 13’20
Avshalom goes to a gay bar in Jerusalem, hoping to find a guy to sleep with. He seduces Yoav and takes him to a dark place he knows ...

No Te Olvido

Joaquín Flores


Peru / 11 mins
Valentina no puede dejar ir a su ex.


Chun-Hua LIN


Taiwan / 1h 23m
A strange behaved old man lived in a suite illegally built on top of a building. One day, a girl Zhen-zhen broke into the place, who intended to peek at the affair of her father from the window of the old man’s room. With more frequent visits of Zhen-zhen, neighbors began to suspect that the old man was hiring prostitutes, making even more disapproving of him. Hearing this, Zhen-zhen’s mother was concerned that if Zhen-zhen is involved with the old man. The misunderstandings and rumors resulted in the conflict between Zhen-zhen’s mother and the old man, whose secret is then unintendedly revealed…


Lila Ø


Spain / 17 mins
Laura and Ana are two friends who live in rural Spain and decide to escape to Paris, but the trip will not have the end they expect.

Nos nuits saturnides / Saturniidae

Matthieu Foucher


29 mins
Emmanuel vit son rêve : tenir un club pour celles et ceux qui lui ressemblent. Un espace où les mites et les papillons peuvent investir la scène et inventer leur propre culture, guidé·es par leur seule imagination. Un club à soi, l’Oeil, où les flirts, le cabaret et les fêtes sans fin se mêlent à la politique et aux exigences de gestion d’un nightclub. Comment ajuster un équilibre entre des idéaux révolutionnaires queer et une viabilité financière dans le quartier bourgeois de Saint-Anne à Paris ?

One Last Deal

Nyala Moon


USA / 15 mins
On the outside looking in no one can explain why their relationship works. Bill a charming fuck-up who hustles and Sara, a black transwoman, being wound too tight. However, those differences have always been what made their relationship work. On the most imitate level their relationships have been anchored by a deep understanding and acceptance of each other’s true selves. Sara has almost reached her dream to match her body to her soul but first, she and Bill, have to make one last sell.

One Milagro / Un Milagro

Karla Jimenez-Magdaleno


A documentary short film exploring a mother’s journey towards accepting her daughter’s queerness. Milagro is a Venezuelan immigrant mother who raises her daughter while dealing with her own internal demons

Only For the Night

LaQuan Lewis


USA; 15 min.

A day in the life of Sam, a trans man looking for love and connection.

Out on the Inside

Monica Lam


USA / 11 mins
At a men’s prison in Vacaville, California, about two dozen transgender women have been learning to live side-by-side with more than 2000 cisgender men. Some live in huge dormitories, some in single cells. But all of these women, who were assigned the sex of male at birth, have had to fight to express their identity under grim circumstances.


Yohann Gloaguen


France / 25 mins
Leo’s family was blown up by a tragedy but he still has his buddies. Together, they spend their days zoning out, occasionally robbing supermarkets, and their evenings drinking and smoking. But that doesn’t appease Leo’s desperate rage, as he gets up every morning without knowing if he’ll see the end of the day.

Particular Friendships

No info


USA / 20 mins
A young woman’s self-discovery in a convent.

Peace of Mind

Caitlyn Saw


USA; 5 minutes
After coming out as a lesbian six years ago, Morgan Hennessy Shea has come out a second time as a trans male this year (2020). How did he get to his truest form of self-realization? Meditation. Through an arbitrary enrollment in a mindful communication class, Morgan experienced a crucial understanding of who he is by coming face to face with the present and the repressed thoughts that have clouded his mind, including getting in trouble in kindergarten for wearing boy underwear, not wanting to go swimming, and dating lesbians but still being jealous of boys.

Perfectly Frank

Dan Hunt


United States | 11 min
PERFECTLY FRANK is a short documentary chronicling the life of Frank Vilardi a retired accountant from Long Island, who after being married for nearly 50 years, came out in his late 60's.


Clarissa Rebouças


Peru / 2 mins
Ensayo sobre la sexualidad de las mujeres LGBTQI+.

Personaje Personaje

Begoña Izquierdo & Renata Rezende


Spain / 35 minutes
An intimate portrait of the struggles and groundbreaking performances of Personaje Personaje, a young queer transformist (aka drag queen), who moved from Ecuador to pursue his dream in Barcelona.

Pink Blues

Rose Turpin


France / 5’15
Tonight, in the garage, Iphis and Iante, inspired by Ovid, is being performed. Marguerite turns into a boy as in the play. But no costume really suits her.

Porta (the) Venice

Giacomo Caglio, Alberto Pattacini


Italy /60 '
“A journey into the wonderful world of Porta Venezia, the historic Milanese district that has long since become the focal p oint of the LGBT community in the city and beyond. But via Lecco, via Castaldi, via Melzo, via Palazzi also contain other stories, other experiences; such as the well-rooted Eritrean culture, LUME - Metropolitan University Laboratory, the refugees who live along the ramparts of Viale Vittorio Veneto. Former lazaretto to stem the city's pestilential waves, the district has continually changed its reputation and lineage throughout history: from the demolition of the neighboring walls at the end of the 19th century, to the red light cinemas of the 70s; from the den of the Calabrian mafia, to an alcove for the gay pride processions. An ever-changing neighborhood, a "portal" ready to welcome "minorities" with the deepest respect for every identity. "

Post Prismatic

Joel Sedano


USA / 3 mins
A rainbow emerges from violence against trans people of color.

Pote de baise

Daniel Sterlin-Altman


Canadá / 2 mins
Life in isolation is pleasant, exciting, and disappointing. A stop-motion short created in quarantine during the 2020 COVID-19 epidemic.


Justin Dean & Joel Breuklander


USA; 14 min.
Taking place entirely on a phone, this short careens through the humor and humiliation of digital gay hookup culture.


Cal Calamia and

Ariel Robbins


USA; 2 minutes
A queer, poetic moment in time set in a bathtub.

Proper Pronouns

Megan Daniels


USA / 65 mins
“Proper Pronouns” tells the story of Dawn, as she seeks validation in the pulpit and reconciliation in her marriage, problems she did not face when she was Duane. The film chronicles the emotional journey that four transgender ministers and their spouses are taking as they try to redefine their identities and prove to the Southern community that they belong in the pulpit.


Cai Thomas


USA, 19 mins
Queenie Lawrence, a 73-year-young Black Lesbian and resident of the Marcy Projects, navigates applying for the Stonewall Houses, NYC's first LGBT Elder affordable housing.

Queer diaries

Santiago Giralt


Argentina| | 65’
A mixture of documentary, diary and personal fiction, Queer Diaries is a sensitive and philosophical journey. For the starting point of an unfinished film, a filmmaker lives, travels and records his memories in the shape of audiovisual poems and short stories. The result is a political  manifesto in favor of queerness. What are the models of family and happiness that we follow? What movies shall we make for the new world?

Quest for Jasmine

Amanda Hawkes & Jackie MacLean


USA / 3 mins
Amara, a witch living in a lonely cabin in the middle of the woods, always dreamed of finding her knight in shining armor. To achieve this ultimate romance, Amara brews a love potion, but she's missing a list of ingredients. While going out to find these missing ingredients, things take an unexpected turn, and Amara is faced with a decision that could make or break her love life.

Quite Easy

Konstantin Schumann


Switzerland / 12’10
Dans le placard, Max voit ses cauchemars se confondre avec la réalité. Une nuit cruciale lui permettra peut-être de dépasser ses peurs.

Rainbow Elders

Derek Moser


Canada / 13 mins
It’s a surprising phenomenon that even after being “out” for decades, seniors who are part of the LGBTQ2+ community still feel pressure to hide their sexuality. RAINBOW ELDERS follows a group of aging LGBTQ2+ individuals in Calgary as they navigate concerns around housing and inclusion late in life, while also learning to celebrate their sexuality and how to support one another.

Rolling Arcade

Teresa Bueno Fontanilla


Spain / 4 mins
An unexpected encounter causes two girls to fall in love between the beeps of the arcade machines and the rhythm of the music from the skating rink.


Jan Soldat


Germany / 9´
Sabine tells us about her shyness and how it causes her difficulties as a transvestite.  

Second Parent

Penny Pin-Jung Chen


USA; 16 min.
Julia struggles to bond with her biological child Becca, who has a clear preference for the mom who stayed home during the early years.

Seguidilla of the Femminiello

Pafo Gallieri


UK / 2 mins
The day of a Neapolitan femminiello who catches up and goes down with her friends along the alleys of the Spanish Quarters. It is a special day, to be celebrated on the rhythmic notes of Bizet's Carmen.

Silence and Swords / Vi Slås Med Sværd

Malthe Wermuth Saxer


Denmark / 103 mins
Two young transgender boys on an educational journey into the Nordic wilderness in a film about finding the inner human being – and gender – that one has always been.

Sinusta Minuksi

Anna Iivanainen / AnnArt


Finland / 70 mins
Sinusta Minuksi -dokumentti on syntynyt halustani vaikuttaa valokuvauksen ja elokuvan keinoin trans- ja muunsukupuolisten ihmisten oikeuksien toteutumiseen. Projektin nimi syntyi, kun pohdin nimen merkitystä ihmiselle. Nimi on tärkeä yksilön identiteetin – minän – muodostumiselle. Kun henkilö on eri sukupuolta kuin mihin hän ulkoisesti on syntynyt, on hänellä useimmiten myös itselleen väärä nimi. Nimi, joka aina lausuttuna muistuttaa siitä, että ei ole minä, vaan tavallaan sinä.

Siren’s Tale / Cua de sirena)

Alba Barbé i Serra


Spain; 8 min.
A young child explores their identity and place in the world through the magic of the sea.

Slice by Slice

Ames Ma & Chey Yen


USA / 3 mins
Community and connections blossom for queer people of color.


Sadiah Rahman


Life at home for Maya isn’t the best. Things are different whenever she’s with Neelam, her free-spirited friend. After a heated argument with her parents, Maya goes over to Neelam’s home. They both go on a walk and have a playful fight. During the fight, tensions rise and the dynamics of their relationship unravels to reveal an undeniable love and hurt they carry.

Solène (Douleur Divine)

Julia Maura


France / 7’38
Le corps de Solène perd progressivement de sa mobilité et lui provoque des souffrances continues. C’est à travers la douleur choisie et dans un jeu consenti avec Misungui que la jeune femme cherche à en reprendre possession.

Southern Sorceresses / Para Onde Voam as Feiticeiras

Eliane Caffé, Carla Caffé, Beto Amaral


89 min. Brazil
A group of LGTBQI + artists humorously deconstruct all pre-established concepts about identities. The streets become a site of struggle; a polyphony between fiction and reality.

Stand Up Stand Out: The Making of a Comedy Movement

David Pavlosky


USA / 35 mins
Stand Up, Stand Out: The Making of a Comedy Movement tells the story of a unique brand of activism belonging only to San Francisco--where three gay teachers’ fight for equal rights during the burgeoning Gay Liberation Movement of the 1970s, led to the blossoming of the Valencia Rose Cabaret, Café, and Restaurant, believed to be the first and only gay-owned and operated comedy club in the USA. As AIDS ravaged San Francisco, a gay and lesbian comedy club flourished in, of all places, an old mortuary.


Edgar I. Salas


México, 80´ 
In this moving piece we meet four characters defined by their profession: a sexologist, a cabaret singer, a singer and an activist, each with their different and contrasting personalities, who fight every day to achieve their dreams and move forward. Those who see them from afar will say that the only thing they have in common is the way they love: but there is something else. 

Summer Vacation

Matthew Brennan


USA / 11 mins
A teenage girl navigates sexuality and intimacy via a dating app.


Ashley Marbella Noble & Melissa Octaviano Rosal


USA / 4 mins
A nonbinary Latinx cultivates abundant pleasure through food.

Taiwan Equals Love

Sophia Yen


Taiwan / 90 mins
In TAIWAN EQUALS LOVE, public debate surrounding the legality of same-sex marriage plays out in the personal lives of three couples: Jovi and Mindy, who are raising Jovi’s child from a previous relationship; Tien-Ming and Hsiang, an elderly gay couple who have been living with together for over 30 years; Gu, who moved to Taiwan to live with their partner Shinchi, and then began to face increasing financial and societal pressure. These three sets of partners show how a lack of legal recognition of their relationships puts a strain on the possibilities of a secured future. Who will take care of Hsiang, afflicted with Parkinson’s, if something happens to Tien-Ming? Will Mindy ever be able to adopt Jovi’s daughter? How will Gu and Shinchi work toward financial security? These are some of the questions the documentary poses as a challenge to those fighting against marriage equality. And of course the overarching question the film asks is even after the battle for marriage equality is won, will prejudices within society at large ever change?

Take Me Home

Jay Han


South Korea, 98min
Eunsoo and Yewon are in a same-sex marriage. Their lives are disrupted by the precarious word, 'family.' Also, Soomin is left behind all alone. Eunsoo, Yewon and Soomin are now trying to climb the wall that lies before them. 

Tall Tales with True Queens

Kristina Budelis, Leandro Badalotti


USA, 10 min.
At Drag Queen Story Hour, a controversial children’s event series, a tale of pride and prejudice is told.

Tanhäuser, A Chávez Boy

Cristian Mora Moret


France, 11’44
Journal intime expérimental :un autoportrait, une génération et une catharsis.


Shyla Hardwick


USA / 3 mins
Black women flourish with vibrant friendship, love, and revolution.

TFG - Swallow Sperm




USA / 4'
Hard rock, pansexual lust and insult comedy cum together in a rifftastic celebration of queer sonic rebellion.

The Adjustment

Laura Flores


USA / 5 mins
Conversations with friends yield hope for an undocumented woman.

The Alternative

Adesua Okosun, Costa de Marfíl


Nigeria / 19 mins
The story follows three people from the LGBTQ + community, a queer woman, a man and a transgender, living in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

The Butterfly

Shiho Fukada


Japan / 11 mins
Kota Ishijima spent most of her life hiding from who she is. Finding the strength to live that truth drove a wedge between her and her family. Now a decade into that decision, her life comes full circle as she awaits the birth of her first grandchild.

The City Was Ours / De Stad Was Van Ons 

Netty van Hoorn


Netherlands / 70 mins
Radical feminism in the seventies. The lesbian movement was a driving force within Dutch feminism and came into full force in the 1970’s. From demonstrations to squatting actions, from opening women’s cafes, bookstores, funding collectives to print shops, women were taking back the street and the city. Slogans were sprayed onto city walls as society was being actively redefined. Experience this cultural paradigm shift in this marvelous documentary, with interviews and historic images and film material.

The Coffee Name Game

Liz Fairchild


USA; 4 minutes
Picking a name for yourself can be a lot of pressure. A guy tries out new names at his local coffee shop with mixed results.

The Dick Appointment

Mike Roma


USA | 10m
When lovelorn Wally wants to get over his ex, he turns to the apps for help.

The Duck and the Donkey

Carlos Larrieu


Puerto Rico, 9 min.
David and Randal are grounded in their school principal's office. The director wants to know what they did to end up there. As the children recount what happened, their enmity will be put to the test and an unexpected turn will change everything.

The Golden Gate

Pietro Pinto


USA / 16 mins
Max, a young gay student, has a passion for photography. He will find a way to oppose the violent specter of his mother, neurotic, smoker and, above all, homophobic, changing the past and the future forever.

The Gust / La Ráfaga

Edgar García


Puerto Rico / 30 mins
Weeks after Hurricane María devastated Puerto Rico, a lonely middle-aged man finds himself obsessing over his neighbor, a young closeted athlete who insistently pursues his attention. The movie deals with fragility issues of living in a forgotten paradise now half-torn, half-supported, with half-citizens, half-gods, and half-demons.

The Hunter

Sam McConnell


USA / 14 mins
On a hot summer night in 1985 Greenwich Village, a young man, new to the city, leaves a gay bar with a flamboyant performance artist, but his animated story of Antigone is soon rudely interrupted.

The Idiot / Der Wichser

Jan Soldat


Germany,. 12 '
The more you do it, the more you want it.  

The Institute

Alexander Glandien


Austria, Germany 13 min.
Based on a conversation with Brigitte Baptiste (leading biodiversity expert, transgender activist, and long-time head of the Instituto Humboldt, the world's only institute for biodiversity research), The Institute is about the importance of biodiversity for the cultural identity and the economic independence of Latin America.

The Pupal Stage

Tee Jaehyung Park


USA, 7 mins
A newly-out trans woman is thrust into a coming out party by her friends, which starts as a cheerful celebration of life but slowly transforms into something else.

The Spanish Pink Triangles / The Many Pink Triangles

Luca Gaetano


Italy / 28 mins
Four decades have passed since the abolition of the “Social Danger Laws” in 1978. At the time Homosexuality was persecuted under Franco’s regime as it was considered an attack on the moral and integrity of the Spanish people.

The Suck

Austin Bunn


USA / 8 mins
A collector finally gives up his unusual collection

The Woodpecker

Jake Goicoechea


USA / 7 mins
On his way to Brad’s animal-themed housewarming party, Richard stops at CVS and calls a close friend for advice about his costume.

Them people / Diese Menschen

Nausheen Javed


India / 6 mins
Who’s hiding behind the windows of the neighbouring flat? Who hasn’t closed their curtains? And who’s lurking at the school gates in the next village? Let’s skedaddle, so that we don’t meet them! An animated poem about how mistrust of others is drilled into us from childhood.

There Will Be No Blood / Es Wird Kein Blut Geben

Paulo Menezes


Germany / 10 mins
Tom would like to wear an earring, so Eli offers to pierce his ear after the shift. There’s no point in going to any parlour for just one ring, after all. But Eli’s intentions aren’t purely friendly. It’s a great opportunity to be with this nice boy alone, isn’t it?


Joe Garstki


USA / 11 mins
It’s date night, but words, grammar, and dictionary definitions get in the way of Max telling Michael the truth about their gender-identity.

They Through Them

Joan Lopez


Spain / 11’
A love letter to nonbinary people, through the stories of their friends.

This day won't last


Mouaad el Salem


Belgium / Tunisia / 25 mins
A day that could also be a life. A young man who could also be an older woman. A nightmare that could also be a dream. In Tunisia, while it could also be somewhere else: on the border between the necessity and the fear to make a film, the necessity and the fear for the revolution, is This day won’t last a cooperation with a distance.


Nyko Piscopo


Italy / 3’
During confinement, routine could drive people crazy, even lovers.


Saidah Belo-Osagie


USA, 10 mins
When a hopeless romantic doesn't get a text back from her dream date, she finds herself spiraling as she grapples with both rejection and her distorted perception of reality.

Together / Katinngak

Glenn Gear


First Nation; 2 min.
Through kaleidoscopic visuals and mesmerizing sound, animal characters from the Big Land (Labrador) bring new life to traditional Inuit throat singing.

Tomorrow Tomorrow

Katie Schiller


USA / 15’
Queer relationships are rekindled at the gravesite of a lost friend.

Top & Bottom

Angela Cheng


USA, 6 mins
Quinn and Lexi work out the kinks of their long-term relationship.

Trans March: A Look Back at Transgender History

Niko Storment


USA; 17 minutes
For Trans March 2020, we created a mini documentary about the roots of Trans March and the modern history that led to its creation. Narrated by Pearl Teese, this work by Niko Storment features interviews from various community advocates as well as B-Roll from historical events pertaining to our Transgender History. Trans March aims to inspire all T/GNC people to realize a world where we are safe, loved, and empowered, and through this film we hope to shine some light on the struggles we have overcome, and the ones we still face, together. 


Amandine Le Goff


France /  18’11
Léon, vêtu de son maillot de bain une pièce, accepte que je l’accompagne à la piscine. Il affronte les regards, et déploie sa propre réflexion sur son identité de genre. 


Manuel Alejandro Villalobos González


Mexico /  15´
Samantha, octogenarian activist; Morganna, soprano in her thirties; Victoria, influencer in her twenties: three trans women from three different generations who have managed not only to belong but to excel in society. 

Under My Umbrella: A (Very Gay) Short Film



USA; 5 min. 
Cel asks friends to talk about their identities and what their coming out might have been like in different circumstances.


Andreia Dobrota


Netherlands / 1 min
A collage of vaginas that are all different and colorful, a visual hymn to the beauty of human anatomy, in every aspect, in every form.


Benjamin Hujawa


Germany / 3 min
Zwei Männer treffen sich auf der Toilette. Es knistert und der eine reicht seine Telefonnummer rüber, aber der andere hat kein Interesse. Am Ende treffen sich die beiden doch noch einmal, aber anders, als erwartet…
Diesen charmanten, teilweise im Peter-Weiss-Haus gedrehten Film konnten wir uns natürlich nicht entgehen lassen.




No info…

Vive baila posa

Valentina Ribeiro



Vrankrix En Het Amst€Rdamse Rijk

Annegriet Wietsma


Netherlands / 94 mins
Vrankrix and the Amsterdam €nrichment dives deeply into the stronghold of Vrankrijk; an underground scene of anarchists and activists in downtown Amsterdam. Vrankrix not only houses a colorful group of residents but is also a meeting point for international activists with radical ideas. Hiphop, punk, queer, anarchists, sharing economy, veganism, globalization: it all comes together in this micro cosmos. The comic book of Asterix and the Mansions of the Gods has served as a source of inspiration the mere existence of a small Gallic village becomes jeopardized by the Roman high-rise construction of hotels, playgrounds and tourists. 


Lasse Långström aka Antiffa Vänsterfitta 


Sweden / 4 mins
Far up north in the little country Sweden, a unholy alliance is happening between the right wing party, the christian democrats and the racist party. But in the forest the fairytale creatures are waiting, planning to bash back.

We Are Not Who They Say We Are

Manu Valcarce


UK / 17 mins
This documentary tells the story of Arcoiris, a group of LGBT+ human rights defenders in Honduras. In recent years the organisation has faced mounting attacks and threats following relentless public abuse and stigmatisation. Prejudice from the police and judiciary means that these attacks go largely unpunished, making it one of the most dangerous countries in the world to be an LGBT+ human rights defender. Our interviews reveal both the severity of the risks they face and their determination to further their struggle.

Where is George? / Wo Ist Georg?

Jan Soldat


Germany, 3´
Doubts that lead to revelations.  

Who I am

Taína Asili


USA / 9 mins
Music video

With Love from Munera

Natalie Elisha


A young storyteller, Munera Yusuf, walks us through the spaces that have shaped her healing and growth from some of the most trying moments of her past. We explore the spaces she feels the safest, from the chair of Tee Fergus’ tattoo studio, to strolling the streets of Toronto with her friends. Munera’s journey illustrates that self-discovery is an ongoing process, rather than an ultimate destination. Munera’s high-spirited personality and eclectic style easily captures attention and hearts as she expresses the importance of self-awareness through life’s unforeseeable changes.

Wolfgang's Angels

/ Drei Engel Für Wolfgang

Jan Soldat


Germany /  4´
Three angels visit him in his small hotel room between Christmas and New Years.  

Y Comieron Perdices…

David Montero


Spain / 11 mins
Alberto, un joven kinki, trata de recuperar el amor de su princesa Laura, en esa hazaña, se enfrentará a las mayores dificultades que un caballero medieval podría sobrellevar, tendrá mentores que le ayuden y brujas que tratarán de acabar con él. ¿Conseguirá el príncipe llegar hasta la princesa? ¿O terminará llorando junto a su bicicleta perdiendo la batalla?

Ya Llegamos Laura

Nestor Abraham Infante Olvera And Irais Jiménez Salinas


Mexico,  8´
Both will discover on the way to a cure, that love goes beyond any destination. 

You'll Be Fine

 / Van a Estar Bien

Alejandro Moreno-Novelo And José Luis Isoard


Mexico / 15´
Horacio has urgent news for her husband but cannot contact him, and Hannah has not heard from his girlfriend for days.   

Your Mother's Comfort / Aconchego da tua Mãe

Adam Golub


United States, Brazil / 70 mins
“We transgender are the revolution!” Indianara Siqueira, trans activist and politician, admonishes her political party for ousting her days before the 2018 Brazilian national elections. In the same election cycle extreme-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro is a forerunner for President of the Republic. Indianara is the ‘mother’ at the head of a homeless shelter and community center for trans sex workers called Casa Nem in Rio de Janeiro. Casa Nem is a squat, and facing the threat of eviction, Indianara occupies a colonial palace nearby to bargain with the city to save the house.