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Transition (IQMF)

Transition (IQMF)

Wednesday, 16 November 2022 until Wednesday, 23 November 2022

The transition international queer & minorities film festival showcases the diversity of minorities within the LGBTIQA+ (LESBIAN GAY BISEXUAL TRANSGENDER INTERSEX QUEER ASEXUAL) spectrum. Every June and November in Vienna, Austria, we use film as a way to confront, break stereotypes and engage our audience using discussions, workshops and lectures. We aim to increase visibility and initiate dialogue on migration, women*, people of color, refugees, dis/ability, trans*, religion and more. Being minorities within a minority – our struggles, stories and histories are often erased or are portrayed simplistically in one-dimensional narratives laden with stereotypes.

Unable to find ourselves in mainstream queer cinema, transition was born in 2012 to provide a positive space for storytelling and use film as a tool to inform, educate and entertain. Previously known as the “Internationale Queere Migrantische Filmtage” (International Queer Migrant Film Days), what began as a three-day event has evolved into a nine-days festival with industry guests, filmmakers and critics, making it an integral part of the Austrian film scene. With a program consisting of classic and contemporary films including shorts, documentaries and feature-length films; old faces and industry newcomers; local and international guests come together to celebrate the diverse nature of being Queer. 

Films who are part of the competition will be able to win awards in the following categories: International Short Film, Austrian Short Film, Feature Film and Documentary.