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2 Days In Paris

France, English, 96 mins

  • Director: Julie Delpy
  • Writer: Julie Delpy
  • Producer: Julie Delpy; Ulf Israel

CGiii Comment


Delpy does it all......acts, writes, directs, produces......exhausting - as is this film.

Sometimes.......silence is golden - there is no silence in this film, it's talk, talk, talk, talk.

It's like a third rate Woody Allen film headbutting Amelie - rather than being a French/American culture clash.

It's a car crash where the collateral damage is bestowed upon the poor viewer.

Cast & Characters

Adam Goldberg as Jack;
Julie Delpy as Marion;
Daniel Bruhl as Lukas;
Marie Pillet as Anna - Marion's Mother;
Albert Delpy as Jeannot - Marion's Father;
Aleksia Landeau as Rose - Marion's Sister;
Adan Jodorowsky as Mathieu;
Alexandre Nahon as Manu;
Charlotte Maury-Sentier as Robbed Lady;
Vanessa Seward as Vanessa;
Thibault De Lussy as Gael;
Chick Ortega as First Taxi Driver;
Patrick Chupin as Taxi Driver with Jack Russel;
Antar Boudache as Flirtatious Taxi Driver;
Ludovic Berthillot as Racist Taxi Driver

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